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This article is about a character from an alternate timeline. You may be looking for her original counterpart.
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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Bonnibel "Bonnie" Bubblegum is a version of Princess Bubblegum from an alternate timeline. She appears in the episode "The Star" from Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake. She is a survivor of the vampire apocalypse and together with the rest of her team made up of Huntress, Martin Mertens and later Simon, Fionna and Cake, they intended to eradicate all existing vampires, especially the Vampire King and The Star (alternate version of Marceline) whom she has a great hatred for possibly making her lose her eye (ironically in another universe she is her partner and love interest). Due to her environment she has become a hard and cold person, but she retains her intelligence, boldness, and some level of compassion (as seen when she scolded Fionna for accidentally bringing a baby aka Baby Finn into such an awful world).

She is also implied to be a scientist and inventor like her main universe counterpart, due to the fact her gadgets are very advanced compared to the rest of the world she lives in. She is seen with her holographic wristband and the Peppermint Tank, which carries an artificial intelligence version of Peppermint Butler, her butler and assistant in the prime timeline.


She is almost identical to her original counterpart but has short hair and wears an eyepatch to cover her right eye (presumably torn off by The Star). She wears a pink sleeveless t-shirt with suspenders that have both pockets and shoulder pads attached to it. Bonnibel also wears pink and purple military camouflage pants with Purple boots with two dark purple rings for each individual boot. She also holds a tiny dagger on a small holster on one of her boots.


In her dimension, this version of Bonnibel was likely never a princess and grew up in an apocalyptic world that was ruled by vampires. She instead grew up to become a warrior and joined a resistance to end their reign. At some point, she came into conflict with the Vampire King's daughter "The Star" and lost her right eye in a battle.

In "The Star", Bonnie and her group encounters a strange trio of people on the road. She is impressed by the cat taking down a band of vampires and recruits her into her cause, though does relent in letting her companions tag along.

During "Casper & Nova", Cake casually mentions to Gary Prince of how in her and Fionna's multiversal travel that his counterpart was trying to kill Marshall Lee's counterpart; a revelation that shocked him.


Bonnie is a tough and quite cold person due to the environment in which she lives and she also becomes somewhat violent and explosive when something bothers her. Despite that, she has some compassion, as she scolded Simon's group for bringing Baby Finn with them to such a dangerous world.

She holds a strong level of apathy, as after hearing Simon reveal he came from another universe, she didn't doubt his story and continued to listen to his story of her counterpart. She also didn't seem curious to learn more and only spoke to reveal she'd never be like her and fall in love with The Star, despite hesitating to kill her.

She has some level of childish behavior, as seen when she loses her cool and yells out that she is not a loser after Marceline called her a loser.


  • Bonnie had a mug (although she later destroyed it out of anger) with the symbol of Timmy, her main universe counterpart's giant cat, which the same symbol appearing in the episodes "The Pajama War" and "Mama Said" from the original series.
  • Unlike her counterpart, she holds great hatred for her Marceline, even telling Simon that she'd never love her. Despite this, she hesitates upon her attempt to kill Marceline.