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Boilbee is the rude ghost from the grave next to Ghost Princess' grave in "Ghost Princess." Boilbee explains that Ghost Princess has been buried in the Cemetery longer than most of the other ghosts, and also that she goes around at night scaring people because she can't deal with her issues. Clarence throws a cheese-puff at him, and makes him go back into his grave by speaking affectionately of Ghost Princess.

His headstone has a rose carved on it.


Boilbee's a ghostly figure whose head appears to be a very large boil. This may also be a very large brain. Boilbee also has green eyes and a darker green mouth.


What? You mean her? She's been here longer than almost everybody!

And don't think I don't see what you do, Ghost Princess.
Sneaking off at night, scarin' peeps, haunting at all hours—'cause you can't deal with your issues!

Butt out, Clarence.