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Bob Rainicorn is the father of Lady Rainicorn and the husband of Ethel Rainicorn who appears in "Her Parents."


He has a short body, is horizontally-striped with rainbow colors, almost bald, and wears glasses due to poor vision. He is extremely short by Rainicorn standards, being several feet shorter than average. The fact that Ethel is long and Bob is short may be the reason that Lady has a medium length. Also, he chooses to use the universal translator device, unlike his daughter, which means he speaks Korean like his daughter and wife, though for unknown reasons, he and Ethel wear the translators at all times, even when in their home dimension. Unlike Lady and his wife, his head is blue instead of pale pink, which appears to be standard for male Rainicorns. Unlike his daughter, he and his wife both have eyes that are two dots and not the big, cartoon eyes that belong to most characters.


  • According to Lady Rainicorn, a dog saved his life during the Rainicorn-Dog Wars.
    • The photo of the dog who saved Bob's life shows the dog in handcuffs. Adam Muto has confirmed the dog was captured.[1]
  • Bob and Ethel Rainicorn live at 47 Rainbow Street.
  • His hair is a pale blond; however, in the photo of the dog who saved Bob's life, his hair is the same color as his skin.
  • Bob is credited as "Rainicorn Dad" in the end credits for "Her Parents," as opposed to his real name. Ethel, however, is credited by her proper name.
  • Though speaking Korean, his mouth movements match what the translator is saying.
  • In the picture of Bob and the dog, Bob's hands are a light blue, but when Bob and Ethel visit, Bob's hands are green.


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