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Blue Magic is a song written by Jack Pendarvis and first performed by Kelly Hogan and Bill Taft in 1993. That original recording was used in the Elements episode "Winter Light."[1] An Ice Fox is seen playing a guitar among an orchestra of other foxes, but only the guitar is played for this song.


It's a humid night
The moon is getting full again
Somewhere there's a slight figure made of paraffin
And someone is turning its head
And someone is pulling its leg
It's magic
It's a restless crowd, the doves are flying from his sleeves
One girl's not so loud, like a convert she believes
She's always been looking for wires, but now she knows none are required
It's magic
Wrap me up in chains, with the magic words you say
I can use my brains, I can make my getaway
But I will be your volunteer, if you make this love disappear
Like magic


  • This is the seventh licensed song to appear in the show. The first being "Where Everybody Knows Your Name," the second being "Slow Boat to China," the third being "Mama Said," the fourth being "According to Our New Arrival," the fifth being "Francis Forever," and the sixth being "Do The Boogaloo."
  • The full version of Blue Magic has been released on iTunes.[2]
  • In contrary to "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" (which appears a bit later in the mini-series) and other songs present in the series, this song has not been sung in French in the French version of Adventure Time (it has just been subtitled). "Blue Magic" is the only song that has remained in its original language so far.