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Blue Magic is a song written by Jack Pendarvis and first performed by Kelly Hogan and Bill Taft in 1993. That original recording was used in the Elements episode "Winter Light."[1] An Ice Fox is seen playing a guitar among an orchestra of other foxes, but only the guitar is played for this song.


It's a humid night
The moon is getting full again
Somewhere there's a slight figure made of paraffin
And someone is turning its head
And someone is pulling its leg
It's magic
It's a restless crowd, the doves are flying from his sleeves
One girl's not so loud, like a convert she believes
She's always been looking for wires, but now she knows none are required
It's magic
Wrap me up in chains, with the magic words you say
I can use my brains, I can make my getaway
But I will be your volunteer, if you make this love disappear
Like magic