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Bloons Adventure Time TD is a crossover game between Ninja Kiwi's Bloons TD series and Cartoon Network's Adventure Time series. It was announced on March 8th, 2018 on the Cartoon Network International News website (and later on other online articles) and on March 9th, 2018 in the Ninja Kiwi weekly blogs.[2] [3] On August 28th, the app was launched internationally. It was later released on Steam on January 16, 2019, for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. [4]


There are a total of 15 characters that can be obtained by playing the game and clearing adventures.

  • Finn, the main hero from Adventure Time
  • Jake, Finn's buddy and sidekick from Adventure Time (Jake is the second character introduced in the game and the third placeable character). 
  • Max, an adaptation of a Bloons TD Dart Monkey who claims to be "a bit of an expert at popping Bloons".
  • Princess Bubblegum, princess of the Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time who is also a brilliant scientist
  • Ice King, a former antagonist from Adventure Time who isn't really evil, but is often up to no good
  • Captain Cassie, a pirate captain monkey, based on the Bloons TD Monkey Buccaneer, who secretly isn't a real pirate. She is unlocked by completing the Pirate in Peril adventure on Normal Difficulty.
  • Flame Princess, the princess of the Fire Kingdom from Adventure Time who is Finn's former girlfriend. She is unlocked by completing the Burning Rubber adventure on any difficulty.
  • Sai the Shadow, an adaptation of the Bloons TD Ninja Monkey, who only makes breathing and whispering noises instead of speaking. She is unlocked by completing the Lemon Grabbed adventure on any difficulty.
  • Sam, a monkey witch adaptation of the Bloons TD Wizard Monkey. She is unlocked by completing the Wizard Battle adventure on any difficulty.
  • C4 Charlie, a military grenadier adaptation of the Bloons TD Bomb Shooter, who is obsessed with explosions. He is unlocked by completing the Loch'd and Loaded adventure on any difficulty.
  • Warrior Bubblegum, a variation of Princess Bubblegum as relating to roles taken at later stages in her timeline and utilizing abilities to summon candy forces from the Candy Kingdom. Warrior Bubblegum can be unlocked by completing Hard difficulty on all the Necro Candy tracks in Candy Kingdom.
  • Commander Cassie, a military naval variation of Captain Cassie. Commander Cassie can be unlocked by completing the Extreme Difficulty on the Something's Fishy tracks in Underwater City.
  • Juggernaut Max, a variation of Max armed with a ballista type crossbow (this variant can't see camo bloons). Juggernaut Max can be unlocked by completing Extreme Difficulty on the Cyclops tracks in Grasslands.
  • Marceline, the vampire queen from Adventure Time who can turn into a giant bat. The sequence for unlocking CN's Marceline is to first complete, at any level of difficulty, the Somethings Fishy adventure in Underwater City (where the NK Buccaneer based Commander Cassie is also found) before crossing over to complete, at any level of difficulty, the Glob Save the Queen adventure in Badlands.
  • Supermonkey, the egomaniacal monkey superhero who is arguably the strongest character in the game. The sequence for unlocking NK's Supermonkey is to first complete, at any level of difficulty, the Necro Candy adventure in the Candy Kingdom (where the CN originated Warrior bubblegum is also found) before crossing over to complete, at any level of difficulty, the Wake Up Call adventure in Lemongrab.

Premium Characters[]

Premium Characters can only be obtained by paying for them with real-world money or by spending Martian Crystals in the Martian Games (introduced in the 1.5.0 update). Each Premium Character also has his/her own adventure that is unlocked with that hero, which unlock special allies. If they're purchased with Crystals, they won't gain their exclusive weapons unless they're bought from the Martian Games too.

  • Dungeon Finn who has awesome upgrades
  • Tuxedo Jake who is the ultimate money maker
  • Hunter Marceline who has seeking stakes/darts

The level of a character is known as a Star Level in BATTD.

Sweet, Sweet Loot[]

Chests of loot can be won in several ways: by a successful defense of a map, by the completion of an adventure (involving the successful defense of a set of maps), by the completion of quests or by participation in events. Not every type of loot will always be present but it will always be delivered in the same sequence: Coins, Gems, Character tokens (which contribute to character star levels), Shards (which can be used in the Wish Orb Creator), Wish Orbs, Player XP and Powers (which are single-use items for use in games). Coins can be used to buy more powers. Wish Orbs can be opened to present a trio of choices with options of items (weapons or trinkets) or of allies. Players can choose their preferred choice or re-roll once in hopes of getting better options. Gems can be used to pay if more then one of the Wish Orb options is wanted. Gems can also be used at the Daily Deals cart (the green-roofed wagon found on the main map). Items may also be won in the context of various BATTD events.

The other currency in BATTD are green hexagonal crystals that can be won in the Martian Games and which can be used to buy from eight increasingly expensive items from the Martian Trader.


There are six categories of rarity

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary (Event Exclusive or Premium)

They apply to Wish Orbs as well as to Weapons, Allies and Trinkets.

Wish Orbs[]

Wish Orbs open with options of Weapons, Allies, and Trinkets that are typical of the same level of rarity as of the orb they came from but may be of one level of rarity up or down. There is always at least one option of the same level of rarity as the orb.

The extents of the decks from which the options may be provided vary:

  • 27 Common (8 Allies and 19 Trinkets)
  • 54 Uncommon (18 Weapons, 8 Allies and 28 Trinkets)
  • 78 Rare (27 Weapons, 13 Allies and 38 Trinkets)
  • 84 Super Rare (30 Weapons, 13 Allies and 41 Trinkets)
  • 64 Epic (20 Weapons, 10 Allies and 34 Trinkets)

Away from Wish Orbs, other options include:

  • 7 Premium (3 Weapons and 4 Allies)
  • 10 Martian Trader Exclusives (1 Weapon, 4 Allies and 5 Trinkets)


Each hero is armed with a weapon that falls within one of six categories: Swords, Darts, Wands, Bombs, Guns, or Musical Instruments. Only one may be equipped at any time. Musical Instrument type weapons are unique in that they have a special effect that extends to nearby towers as well as the hero using the weapon. Weapon rarities start at Uncommon. There are 93 weapons in the game, three of which come from the premium heroes.


There are a total of 61 allies in this game, three being obtained from completing a Premium character adventure, sorted in six different rarities. Most allies can only be equipped by the respective characters. Each character can equip one ally initially and can increase to a maximum of four allies as they level up.


Trinkets are items that give beneficial effects, like more damage or pierce, to the character that has it. They can also have special properties that can apply when a requirement is met, like a nearby hero or land/water/lava placement. Each hero can equip three trinkets and can be increased to a max of ten. There are 165 trinkets in the game.

If the player doesn't want an item in their collection, have duplicates, or have unfavorable items from their wish orbs, they can shard them. Doing so gives them 10, 25, 100, 300 or 1000 shards for Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare and Epic items respectively.


There are 32 Powers available for potential use in gameplay which can be gained by way of loot or by purchase prior to gameplay. Powers are organized within the powers menu with eight powers being placed in a loadout section (for access in gameplay) and with 30 slots to accommodate the all but one of the originally unloaded powers.

Daily Deals[]

Each day (as starting at midnight UST) access to three options of weapons, allies or trinkets become available from the green-roofed cart found on the main map. Payment is by gems but at a higher rate than it would be charged via Wish Orb 'Choose Another' options.

Martian Games[]

On Version 1.5.0, Bloons Adventure Time TD introduced Martian Games. Similar to Contested Territory from Bloons Monkey City, the player must beat the top given round in order to receive exclusive income generation for themselves. However, the income produced is of an exclusive currency but will be collected automatically by the game. Again, the winner of the throne will be able to be on the throne for up to 8 hours until it automatically becomes unoccupied.

Tracks and Rounds[]

There are 56 tracks in the game. 12 of these tracks are from the premium heroes and are not able to be played unless their character is purchased or occasionally during special events. The tracks are in sets, called adventures, in an area in Ooo. For example, Cyclops is an adventure containing three tracks located in Grasslands. Some of these can unlock things like a new hero or new sets to play on. All have difficulty on them, out of five skulls, indicating how hard it is, with track difficulties too. There are four difficulties for each track: Normal, Hard, Extreme, and Impoppable.

There are 75 Rounds of set Bloon spawns. The rounds for the difficulties are 30, 45, 60, and 75 respectively with the exception of the Normal mode of Tree Fort Exterior, Candy Throne Room, and Enchiridion with rounds of 5, 10, and 12 respectively. Every round of all difficulties consist of the same Bloons, but properties are added based on the modifiers on a given difficulty and/or track buffs of Bloons, like Rank Up, Extra Camo, Extra Regrow, Extra Fortified, Faster Regrow, Zombie, Ghost, Shield, Faster Bloon Speed. Harder difficulties have more Bloon buffs and include up to 5 of the listed properties.


  • Officially, this game is also considered the first spin-off of Bloons TD 6 since it uses similar graphics for the Monkeys, Bloons, and MOABs as BTD6. Similar sound effects are also used.
    • The music appears to be a remix of the BTD6 music, as the title screen theme is a fusion between BTD6's title theme and Adventure Time's theme.
  • This is also the only game so far to not feature the Tack Shooter and Bomb Shooter.
    • However, there are some characters that have similar attacks to those towers: Wildberry Princess and Ice King's Ice Bolt upgrade as Tack Shooter, and C4 Charlie as Bomb Shooter.
  • The game requires iOS 11 or higher to get for Apple devices and Android 5.0 or higher for Android but also depends on the performance of the player's device.
  • Bloons Adventure Time TD Steam was released for Windows and Macintosh on the day the Steam version was officially released. BTD6 Steam for Mac, on the other hand, was released on Version 16.2, much later that its initial release for Windows.
  • It was first soft-released on 14th July 2018 to Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Singapore.