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"Blood Under the Skin" is the fourth episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It's the thirtieth episode overall.


Finn decides to get the best armor in Ooo to show off towards several mocking knights, but in order to receive it, he must go on a quest where he must survive one embarrassing situation after another.


The episode opens on Finn and Jake locked combat with a ladybug, Finn is able to fling the ladybug from their home and quickly slams the door after him, getting a splinter in the process. After screaming out in pain, Finn decides his injured finger will need protection for the future, and visits Choose Goose to get a thimble. He then notices a group of Knights showing off their impressive armor. Jake helps Finn demonstrate the protection his thimble provides for them, but the knights simply laugh at him. Sir Slicer arrives and insults Finn along with the rest of the Knights. After enduring some more jokes at his expense, Finn asks Choose Goose for his most "(click-click)" armor. Choose Gooses tells Finn that he will "need a trade of equal value" and that he will take "the head of his dog friend." Naturally, Finn refuses and after suffering a little more mockery, Choose Goose gives him a poem which leads to the Magical Armor of Zeldron, which is foretold to be totally (click-click). Finn and Jake quickly embark on their quest for the armor.

The first part of the poem proved to be too much of a challenge for Finn, so Jake translates it. According to Jake it tells him to go through a swamp, which is later revealed as the Swamp of Embarrassment. Jake uses his powers to go ahead of Finn telling him "this armor thing is your deal." As Finn continues his trek through the swamp alone, he stumbles upon Naked People behind every curtain. Finn becomes embarrassed and his face turns red from the various encounters. After crossing the swamp he again meets Sir Slicer, who continues to insult him.

Jake then deciphers the next poem for Finn, telling him that he must "silence the echoing in the woods." The duo happens across the source of the noise, which is a strange red-faced creature. Finn does not know how to stop it from crying, but Jake has a solution, "just make her think it's her idea; that's how you make the ladies do what you want." When Finn attempts to address the creature, it thinks that Finn, in his red-faced state, is her child. The creature then grabs Finn and hugs him close. Sir Slicer comes back with a Lyre Player who sings a song he composed called "Finn the Blushing Baby." Shortly thereafter, the monster falls asleep giving Finn a chance to escape.

After running a short distance, Finn and Jake discover the Home Of Zeldron's Armor. There, they encounter Ghost Man who says that no one can pass him unless they beat him in a game of Drop Ball. Finn attempts to beat the high score of 6, but is easily flustered by this embarrassing game. The Ghost Man offers his advice on how to play, and as he is demonstrating the proper technique, Finn and Jake sneak around him and enter the room where the Armor of Zeldron is held. Finn is granted the armor, but realizes that it is girl armor, and quickly casts it aside. Ghost Man discovers them and becomes angry at them for walking out on his instruction, he transforms from his simple and friendly appearance to one of a terrifying and ghoulish ghost. He grabs Finn and sucks the vitality from him (perhaps in an attempt to steal his soul).

Jake puts on the armor to save Finn, causing the Ghost Man to mistake him for his mom. Jake, posing as the Ghost Man's mother, orders him to go outside. When he goes outside, the sunlight cures his addiction of Drop Ball and resurrects him. They all cheer, but Sir Slicer comes and insults Finn again for not having any armor and Jake for wearing the Armor of Zeldron, but this time Finn insults Sir Slicer for his pettiness in following them around just to make fun of him, and challenges him to a fight. As Sir Slicer gets off his horse to fight Finn, he falls over, saying that his armor is too heavy. While trying to prop himself up on a nearby stick, he gets a splinter and Finn, laughing, offers him the thimble and then leaves the cave with Jake.

Finn rides Jake as Jake uses the wings on the armor to fly away. The powers granted by the armor allow Jake to fly right through several mountaintops. As they disappear into the distance Jake says, "Dude, this armor is totally (click-click)!"


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  • This is the first appearance of Choose Goose.
  • Sir Slicer's appearance is always preempted by the sound of horns and drums, followed by black birds and leaves blowing past him in the wind.
  • The armor that had a value equal to Jake's head looked like samurai armor.
  • This is the second time that Finn almost got his soul sucked out. The first was in "It Came from the Nightosphere".
  • Depsite being aired as the fourth episode of Season 2, it appears as the second episode on the Complete Second Season DVD and Blu-ray, switching places with "The Eyes."

Production notes

  • This episode was previously titled "Click-Click!"[1] referring to the double tongue-clicking sound that is made throughout the episode.
  • This episode did not originally air with the waving snail. The snail was later added to the reruns.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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