Blockado is the game of barricades, created by Finn in "Slumber Party Panic." Its name stems from the word "blockade," meaning to "surround" or "close off." It was created as an enjoyable distraction so that the Candy People would simultaneously be unaware of the Candy Zombies and barricade the castle against them, though it only worked temporarily as the zombies quickly began to dismantle the blockades. Blockado did, however, serve its purpose in that the Candy People could not see the zombies and panic, which would have caused them to explode.


Blockado is played by using large pieces of furniture to blockade the doors and windows, with no practical objective. However, Finn designed the game to ensure that the Candy People were unaware of the true objective: to seal the room's entrances, thereby preventing ravenous zombies outside from devouring the Candy People.


  • Even though Starchie should have been a zombie (or at least remained in fright-exploded fragments), he was shown playing Blockado.
  • Lady Rainicorn and Jake didn't get to play because they were busy playing "Seven Minutes in Heaven."
  • Even though Finn and the candy people did not put nails on the furniture that they used, it still stuck, similar to the episode "From Bad to Worse."
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