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Blind Finned is a game created by Cartoon Network Asia.


Finn has decided to be a blind knight today, so Jake has to protect him from obstacles by shapeshifting into the right form.


For Jake to shapeshift, the player must drag the mouse in the proper direction to him to assume the shape he/she wants. The player can drag the mouse in advance to prepare for the upcoming obstacles, and his/her actions are shown in the squares above the game. If the player mistakenly dragged his mouse wrong and the action he did was not what he wanted, he or she can click the square where the action is seen, and the action will be erased and he or she can make a new one.

The gameplay is divided in three sections, which are the Grass Lands at day, the Grass Lands at night, and finally the Ice Kingdom. The player, when starting the game, may choose three difficulties, Easy (normal speed), Normal (faster speed) and Insane (extreme speed), in which the speed of Finn walking is determined.

Jake can shapeshift into the following forms:

  1. Umbrella - Jake will turn into an umbrella to protect Finn from the hazards above. To activate it, the player must drag upwards. This form is used when the hazards are Ice King (who is in mid-air attacking with Ice Magic), Magic Man (using his magic powers to attack below) and Flame Princess (who is perched on a tree, crying, whose tears proved hazardous to Finn).
  2. Bridge - Jake will stretch towards the hole to prevent Finn from falling into his doom. To activate it, the player must drag rightwards. This form is used when Finn encounters a hole (whether the hole is empty, or filled with acid, lava or ice spikes).
  3. Sword - Jake will shapeshift into a sword, causing Finn to wield him and slash the obstacle away. To activate it, the player must drag downwards. This form is used when Finn encounters a deadly or sharp bush.


  • Through The Night – Reach the Night Stage.
  • Seeking the Ice – Reach the Ice Stage.
  • Lotsa Lava – Avoid Lava ten times.
  • Speaking of Spikes – Avoid Spikes 25 times.
  • Hyper Acidity – Avoid Acid 25 times.
  • Facing the Magic – Defeat the Magic Man 25 times.
  • Ice Say So – Defeat the Ice King 25 times.
  • Hearts Aflame – Evade Flame Princess 25 times.
  • Kiss the Fire – Get burned by Flame Princess 25 times.
  • Cold Hearted – Get frozen by Ice King ten times.
  • Experience the Magic – Get zapped by Magic Mike ten times.
  • Bushido – Slash the grey bush 25 times.
  • Ice See You – Slice the Ice Spikes 25 times.
  • Purple Heart – Use your sword on the Purple Spikes 25 times.
  • Chaining Moves – Do ten successful moves in one game.
  • Mastering Moves – Do twenty successful moves in one game.
  • Heroic Mastery – Do 100 successful moves in one game.
  • Epic Hero – Do 250 successful moves in one game.




  • Flame Princess crying may be a reference to the events of "Hot to the Touch" where she realizes that she could not have a relationship with Finn due to their forms.
  • The sequel to this game is called Blind Finned 2.
  • The Enchiridion appears on the title screen.

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