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Bliblob is a cutie that makes his first and only appearance in the episode "Conquest of Cuteness." Bliblob is known for exploding a lot, which angers Cute King. It is likely that he exploded or fell apart during the attack on the Tree Fort. Bliblob explodes during Cute King's speech, causing his head, arms, and legs to be blown off his body. It is shown that he survived the explosion. After Cute King's speech, Bliblob's head (which only had one arm due to the explosion) started to cry like all the other Cuties.


His body is composed of four white spheres: the biggest in the middle, with eyes and the mouth and two arms; a medium size above the head with three horizontal stripes (pink, yellow and green); and two small-sized segments below the head (one of them has a bruise due the aftermath of the battle to the Tree Fort), connecting it with two legs. His face has little detail, two eyes and a mouth, and is relatively simple like most Adventure Time characters.


  • Bliblob and Cute King are the only Cuties that have official names.
  • Bliblob has exploded many times according to Cute King, but is still alive.
  • Bliblob is one of the bosses in the game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!, but is defeated as soon as you make contact with him.
    • In the game he is described as "The Cutest Warrior."


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