Blacksmith is a Dewdrop who lives in the roots of the Tree Fort. In "Little Brother," the blacksmith gives Kent directions on how to build a new sword, beginning his quest through the tree. Once he has gathered the materials–some unbreakable ore, a clod of mystic earth, and the sacred flame–the blacksmith builds Kent his new sword, which he dubs "Punch Party." Thanks to the blacksmith's help, Kent vanquishes the Rat King, allowing the flowers of the Tree Fort to bloom once more.


That's who I am. And I am very good at me. Okay, so, like, the Rat King has been messing up the roots, yeah? Chewing on them with his teeth. The sword has to be made with the strongest tree stuff so even his teeth can't break it! Bring me the freshest ingredients and I'll do it up.

—"Little Brother"

Oh, what?

—"Little Brother"


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