The black ice cave is a major location in "Lady & Peebles." It is an uncharted location in the Ice Kingdom where Ricardio hid and designed a visceral dungeon within.


The inside of the black ice cave is made of what appears to be giant, living human tissue, designed to attack trespassers. The entrance is a giant toothed maw, which leads to a dark chamber filled with hundreds of long, living arms. The next room has a few pipes and over-hanging lamps. It is connected to a forked air vent, in which the left side has a giant tongue that tries to crush anyone who comes near it. At the end of the air vent is a room full of huge eyes that shoot laser beams. The last room is composed of a giant rib cage where Ricardio hid and held captive Finn, Jake, and the Ice King, until Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn rescued them. He presumably still lives there. There may also be even more parts of the cave.


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