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Birds are animals commonly found throughout the Land of Ooo. Aside from a few exceptions, most species of birds are shown to be winged, two-legged organisms with some form of a beak. Types of birds that appear in the series include generic birds, geese, swans, chickens, crows, owls, ducks, seagulls, and vultures.

Lists of birds[]

Generic birds[]

Image Name Basic Description
Alarm Clock Bird The Alarm Clock Bird is a character that appears in "Thank You". It is much like an alarm clock for the Snow Golem. In the morning it squawks, making the beeping buzz of an alarm clock. It is crushed by the Snow Golem when it makes a sound in the beginning of the episode, but it flies away apparently unharmed. Later in the episode, it is burned by the Fire Wolf pup and flies away (though featherless). It is unknown whether he is still the Snow Golem's alarm.
Baby birds
Baby Birds (Storytelling) Baby Birds appear in "Storytelling". They are sitting in a nest when Finn considers threatening them with a big rock, trying to create "suspense" for his story. While Finn is thinking about threatening the birds they are apparently unaware of him. Finn imagines that when he threatens them, they suffer panic attacks and die. When the mother bird comes and is worried about where her baby boys went, Finn realizes he cannot threaten the baby birds. Outside his imagination, the birds fly away when he throws the rock to the floor. The baby birds might have been the same birds from the episode "To Cut a Woman's Hair," the mother bird Finn imagines looks similar to Mrs. Yoder without the bandage on her beak.
Baby Birds TCAWH
Baby Birds (To Cut a Woman's Hair) Finn feeds Baby Birds chewed-up apple out of his mouth since their mother, Mrs. Yoder, had a bandaged beak.
S1e12 white bird
Bird (Evicted!) This Bird is a character that appears in the "House Hunting Song". It is one of many characters that Finn and Jake encounter while searching for a new home. Finn stuck his foot in the Bird's birdhouse. It became angry and threw worms at Finn and Jake.
Bird Mortal Recoil
Bird (Mortal Recoil) The Bird that appears in the episode "Mortal Recoil" is a white bird that rescued Finn from the top of the Lich-possessed Princess Bubblegum. Finn thanked it after it carried him to the ground.
Magpies The Magpies are a group of birds that appeared in the episode "Apple Thief". Before the episode began, Raggedy Princess would scare them away by sitting on a fence post, thus protecting Tree Trunks' Apple Orchard. However; after she was knocked off, the magpies stole all of Tree Trunks' apples, thus creating the conflict during the episode. At the end of the episode, Finn was able to figure out that they were the ones that stole the apples because there was a hole next to their nest that dropped the apples into a closet in Tree Trunks' house.
Blue Bird
Blue Bird The Blue Bird is a character who appears in "Jake vs. Me-Mow". When Jake is about to push Wildberry Princess off the cliff, the Blue Bird notices the sausage in Jake's ear and tries to eat it but instead knocks Me-Mow out of Jake's nose. It is the Blue Bird that ultimately saves Jake's life (though unintentionally), as Me-Mow had threatened to stab him in the brain if he told anyone of the poison. Getting Me-Mow out of Jake's nose is what creates the complications that give Jake the idea to enlarge his liver. At the end of the episode, Me-Mow is seen riding the bird.
S4e1 smoking bird
Brown Bird Brown Bird appears in the episode "Hot to the Touch" where his wings get set on fire by Flame Princess and flies away. He has an accent and uses improper grammar in saying "Don't you judge me! It was that fire chick down there that done this to me!" Most of his body is brown and his beak and legs are a brick color. He was voiced by Cole Sanchez.[1]
Song Birds
Song Birds The Song Birds appear in a backstory for Issue 1 of the Adventure Time comics. They grab onto Cinnamon Bun's barrels of sweat and bring them to the Candy Kingdom.

They are small and have a simple round body. Their wings are long, and tails are triangular. Their beaks are orange.

S5 e17 Giant bird with its babies
Giant purple bird A giant purple bird kidnaps BMO after it dances The Worm in "BMO Lost". The bird tries to feed BMO to its babies, but BMO fortunately escapes.
S6e23 Finn covered in candy birds
Candy Birds Candy Birds are a species of bird that appear in the Candy Kingdom. They appear to be made out of Jelly beans. These birds can appear to be such colors as purple, pink, green, and blue.
Purple Pillow Birds The Purple Pillow Birds are a flock of pillow birds that flew in front of Finn in "Puhoy".
White Pillow Bird The White Pillow Bird appeared in the episode "Puhoy". It quacked and pooped a yellow pillow case onto Finn's shoulder.
Peppermint Butler's Bird Peppermint Butler's Bird was a Bird seen on Peppermint Butler's arm in "The Suitor".
Daddy Bird Daddy Bird is one of the birds that Jake was bird watching in "One Last Job". He pointed out that he had a pretty tail.
Mommy Bird Mommy Bird is one of the birds that Jake was bird watching in the episode, "One Last Job". He points out that he's glad that he didn't marry someone like her.
Bird Children The Bird Children are amount the group of the birds that Jake was bird watching in the episode, "One Last Job". They are the children of Daddy Bird and Mommy Bird.
Cuber's Birds Cuber's Birds are the birds that appear in "Another Five More Short Graybles". The episode revolves around Cuber building a birdhouse for them. These birds have been seen to be purple, white, yellow,  green, orange, and blue.
Mother Bird The Mother Bird is a bird mother who can be seen feeding her hatchlings Earthworms in the episode "Something Big". She represents one of the beings that had a purpose in life to the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. She appears to be a regular blue bird with orange legs.

She is voiced by Jill Talley.

Mother Bird's Hatchlings The Mother Bird's Hatchlings are the hatchlings being fed Earthworms in the episode, "Something Big".
Father Bird Father Bird appeared in the episode "Ocarina" reading a newspaper. While he was destructed, his chicks fell out of the nest and onto T.V..
Father Bird's Chicks Father Bird's Chicks were a group of chicks that fell out of their nest and onto T.V. while their father was distracted with a newspaper in the episode "Ocarina".
Alien Bird
Alien Bird The Alien Bird is a bird in an alien environment that appears in the episode "Graybles 1000+". He catches a worm sleeping in a tree while saying "Hello-lable!"
Candy Bird Candy Bird was an orange bird with a candy corn beak whom attempted to land on the now Fire Elemental Fire Kingdom. Unfortunately, he burnt into nothingness. Lumpy Space Princess says that she thought that seeing it burn was gross.
Party Bird Remade
Party Bird The Party Bird is a bird that showed up to the party in the episode "Evicted!"
Woodpeckers Woodpeckers are a species of bird that forge for insects within the bark of trees. Woodpeckers make their debut in the episode "Up a Tree" as members of the tree cult. The Woodpeckers appear to be birds with red feathers and long, orange beaks.
S8E10 Model Sheet Parrot - With Liquid
Giant Baby Parrot The Giant Baby Parrot is a baby parrot that appears in the episode "Imaginary Resources". It hatched out of the egg that Jake was hanging onto that way laid by the Giant Parrot.
Giant bird mom
Giant bird babies
Giant Green Birds The Giant Green Birds are a group of bird that appear in the Distant Lands episode, "Together Again". The bird kidnaps a giant Worm and then Finn and Jake to feed to her hatchlings. Their nest is located on top of Finn and Jake's Tree House.


Image Name Basic Description
Town Chickens
House People's Chickens The House People's Chickens are chickens that appear in the House People's village in the episode, "Donny". Donny is seen torturing the towns people by shooting the chicken's eggs at them.
Lady Rainicorn's Chickens Lady Rainicorn's Chickens are a handful of about three chickens that live on Lady Rainicorn's farm. They are seen in the episode, "Five More Short Graybles".


Image Name Basic Description
Crow Flock The Crow Flock appears in BMO Lost, when Sparkle's mother made a noise that scared them out of the woods, crowing.
Angry Crow The Angry Crow was a crow that flew at Finn while he was inspecting the woods for Lumpy Space Princess in the episode, "Apple Wedding".
Slicer Crows
Slicer Crows The Slicer Crows are a flick of crows that fly across the screen whenever Sir Slicer enters a scene. They first appear in the episode, "Blood Under the Skin".
Crow fighter
Crow (Bonnie and Neddy) The Crow that appeared in the episode "Bonnie and Neddy" got into a screaming match with Neddy, who was flightendly scampering through the woods. After Neddy ran away from the crow in fear, it did a celebratory wing-pump in the air.


Image Name Basic Description
Duck CoC
Duck (Conquest of Cuteness)

(the one underneath is the same duck)

A duck appears in "Conquest of Cuteness" when Finn and Jake call together a couple of their friends. Character designer Andy Ristaino has confirmed that this duck is not Boobafina.
Duck The Eyes
Duck (The Eyes) One duck appears in "The Eyes", which Finn and Jake feed and sometimes hang out with.
Five Ducks These Five Ducks appear in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain". They are used as cushions for the Marauders punches as one of Finn's solutions to roughhousing.
Giant Duck The Giant Duck is a character that appears in the "House Hunting Song". It is seen when Finn and Jake try to make a house out of it by laying sticks along its side to make walls and a window frame. It then realizes that two strangers are sitting next to his hindquarters, and begins moving around scare them off. The duck has the appearance of an enormous stone from behind. The Giant Duck also briefly appears in the opening sequence of "Come Along With Me".
Duke of Nuts helping ducks
Family of Ducks A family of ducks appear in "The Duke" when the Duke of Nuts helps them across a puddle by laying his cape over it. The ducks' appearance matches the area's "nut" theme. The adult has a peanut-shell pattern on its stomach, and a leaf as a tail. The ducklings are shaped like a cashew, with a seam down the center of their bodies, and a leaf on their heads.
Yellow Duck This yellow duck plays a role in one of BMO’s many daily morning chores in the episode, "All's Well That Rats Swell", being fed a slice of bread. However; when BMO throws the bread, it hits the duck and the duck floats forward without any bodily motion. For this reason, it is unknown if the bird was actually real or not.
Tool Duck The Tool Duck that Shoko jokingly handed Princess Bubblegum when they were building the Gumball Guardians in the episode, "The Vault".
Duck Statue A Duck Statue can be seen as apart of Finn and Jake's treasure pile. It has gems for eyes and a pointed green hat with stripes.
Park Ducks
Park Ducks

(same type of duck shown in Conquest of Cuteness)

The Park Ducks were ducks seen in the Park's pond in the episode, "Loyalty to the King".
Muffin Duck
Muffin Duck The Muffin Duck is a duck that was turned into a pile of muffins after attempting to eat them in the episode, "Have You Seen the Muffin Mess".
Future Two Headed Duck The Future Two Headed Duck is a character that appears in the opening of "Come Along With Me". The Future Two Headed Duck appears to look the same as the original Two Headed Duck, except this one has glass helmets on both of its heads and a jet-pack. This duck wrote the title of the series during the introduction using its jet packs smoke.


Image Name Basic Description
Brown Owl The Brown Owl is a minor character who appears in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain". He is seen among the group of animals having a tea party with Jake.
Candy Owl The Candy Owl appears in the episode "What Have You Done?" It is seen flying in the dungeon where Finn and Jake hold Ice King as a prisoner. It resembles a normal owl, but it appears to have jelly beans and sprinkles on its back. Its eyes are a deep purple and shiny.
Gray Owls Gray Owls appear in the episode "Storytelling". They are among the many creatures at the Rite of Forest Justice who are angered by Finn's disturbance.
Peanut Owl
Peanut Owl Peanut Owl is a character first seen in “The Duke”.
Desert Owls Desert Owls are a species of owl native to the desert. The first desert owl we see appears in “Lemonhope Part 1” reading a book with water next to him. He flys away after being bothered by Lemonhope.
Red-Eyed Owls The Red-Eyed Owls are a swarm of evil owls that appeared out of the mouth of the Gumball Guardian Mutant. They attempted to stop Finn and Ice King from reaching GOLB, but were stopped by Jake, whom had his back cartoonishly torn open by them. Once they are defeated, they dissipate into mist.


Image Name Basic Description
Swan Flock (Five More Short Graybles) This Swan Flock can he seen flying past Marceline while she is being flown to the Music Shop.
Swan Flock (Something Big) This Swan Flock can be seen flying by Maja as she slows down time in the episode, "Something Big".


Image Name Basic Description
S6e27 Vulture and Finn
Talking Vulture The Talking Vulture appears in the episode "The Visitor" to tell Finn that he's been sleep walking for days.
Billy Billy was one of Lumpy Space Princess' many love interests in the episode "Gotcha!".
Vultures and fire wolf
Vultures (Thank You) Three vultures biting Fire Wolf Pup appeared in the episode “Thank You”.

Notable birds[]

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