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Bird Woman is a character who is represented as Gunter in a dream in the episode "Hoots." She gets intrigued by the Cosmic Owl who is attracted to her and tried to follow her wherever she went. She was first seen in Finn's dream and the Cosmic Owl found her back in an unknown dream with a huge party. She then follows the Cosmic Owl home and asks if she can go into Princess Bubblegum's dream.

They both go into the dream seeing Princess Bubblegum rising from the top of her Candy Kingdom while the candy people cheer. Suddenly, clouds begin to darken and the Candy People start to boo before the Bird Woman casts a unknown black fog out of her melting the Candy People and then pushing Princess Bubblegum into the melted candy to drown. After the Cosmic Owl wakes the bird woman up, it is revealed to be Gunter in a dream form and the whole event is a Premonition dream bound to happen in the future.


She is represented as a tall grey bird with eyes similar to Gunter's. She is up-right and has long orange bird legs. Her tail is big, fluffy and white on the back.

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