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Billybee is an irritated bee that was upset to find Breezy and Finn hanging out with each other. When they refused to split up and go home, he called out his gang and attacked Finn. To save him, Breezy found and drank their bottle of royal juices and turned into a queen bee, sending them flying back into their house with her telekinetic powers.


Billybee has a darker tint of yellow than other bees, with a blue ball cap and a piece of wheat in his mouth. He also carries a honeycomb like weapon to battle.


Billybee has a very hateful and descriminatory personality. He believes that people would hang out with their "own kind." His personality seems to parody a non-progressive thinker.


  • Billybee and his gang bees might now be ruled by Breezy, as their last words were "Long Live The Queen!"


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