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Season 1


—"His Hero"

Yep, it's me.

Aww, that'd be a waste of time.

No, I was talking about beating up monsters. It's as pointless as a dog chasing his own tail.

You know where she is right now? She's probably being eaten by a different monster. She's probably dead.

In my youth, I was much like you. Motivated, head strong, wore a silly little outfit. Even had a magic dog.

All my life I've beaten on evil creatures, (sigh) but new evil keep [sic] popping up! Kicking their butts was a hopeless effort!

Non-violently. Help people by being active in your community!

Aw I don't--I don't want to buy anything!

Don't you see how pointless it is? You know what's probably happening to that Old Lady right now? She's probably dead!

Hm. Perhaps you're right. (groans) It's as if your words are filling a void in my very being. You wanna watch?

Nothung! Finn and Jake, truly, you are my heroes.

Now you're freaking me out!

Get outta here!

—"His Hero"

Season 5

Not Joshua! Your other dad. Dad the Human.

—"Billy's Bucket List"

Your father, Finn. He's alive.

—"Billy's Bucket List"

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