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"Billy!!!!!!!!!!" is the song performed by storyboard artist Adam Muto that plays when Finn and Jake find the sword of their hero, Billy, in the episode "His Hero." It briefly catalogs several of Billy's adventures, including the times he slew the Fire Count, rescued Cotton Candy Princess, cast down the Lich, killed an Evil Ocean, and fought a Giant Bear. It is the last song of season one.


Who's the greatest warrior ever?
A hero of renown!
Who slayed an Evil Ocean
Who cast the Lich King down!
And that time the evil Fire Count
Captured a damsel fair.
Who saved her with such bravery
She offered him her hair?
Also... he fought a bear!

The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Comic Issue #50 Lyrics (Billy's Song when he was yonger)

Who's the Greatest Warrior Ever?
A Hero Really Cool!
Who Fought a Whole Star System
Used Judo to Beat Ghouls
And That Time an Ancient Desert
Started Eating Kids?
Who Plucked Those Kids From Real Mean Sand?
Then Gave Them Each Two Quid?*
Also... He Knows a Squid!