Big Guy is a character who appears in the episode "City of Thieves." He is the first character in the episode to have something stolen from him. His ring gets taken from him by Short Goblin. He angrily breaks through his wall and steals Skeleton Baby from Skeleton Mom. While he is running, Skeleton Baby steals a ruby from his teeth, which then gets stolen by Mr. Turtle.


He has a cone-shaped brown hat that has a patch sewed on that is a grey color. He wears brown pants that are torn at the bottom but no shirt; he has also has a purple tattoo in the shape of a heart on his right chest. He has a diamond-shaped hole in his unusually large middle tooth, this is where he kept the ruby.


My ring!

My ruby!


  • The divot in Big Guy's teeth for his ruby is a perfect fit. Mr. Turtle also has a perfectly-sized divot for the same ruby in the large ruby on his crown.


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