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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Big Destiny (also called "Big D") is the leader of the Destiny Gang. He appears in the episodes "Finn the Human", "Jake the Dog", and "Crossover" in the main series, and "Destiny" in the Fionna & Cake spin-off series, with an aged appearance and his new daughter. In "Finn The Human", he took Farmworld Finn's crown and wore it as "crown shorts". The crown formerly belonged to Simon Petrikov, who froze the Mushroom Bomb in mid-flight, which would have brought the Lich into existence. He is adept at fighting with a sword. He and his gang often use incorrect grammar and resort to a crude form of English which often confuses the plurality and singularity of the nouns and verbs (e.g. "property of old dead person go to Big Destiny"). He was last seen partly frozen in ice. He later returned for a brief appearance in "Crossover" when the Farmworld Lich used him to bring back the gems of power to Ice Finn's Empire of Frost. When The Lich released him from his control, Big Destiny tried to escape, but was frozen by Ice Finn.


Big Destiny appears to be a male Human with long, carrot-orange hair, a cleft chin, and pale skin. He is seen wearing a necklace, a torn up robe and green briefs. He also has a golden sword and a pair of magenta-tinted, rather modern shades.


Destiny Gang[]

Big Destiny's gang seems to be in fear of him. He forbids them from telling him what to wear. Big Destiny also has a role as a mentor, as seen later in the episode "Jake the Dog", saying that he "[had] taught [them] well."

Farmworld Finn[]

Big Destiny treats all those not in his gang with considerable disrespect, and this treatment does not stop with Farmworld Finn. Destiny refers to Farmworld Finn as "stupid." Destiny is also prone to severe punishment towards people who disobey him (having the Destiny Gang burn down Farmworld Finn's house with his family still inside).


Big Destiny and his gang are presumed to be ill-liked by the inhabitants of Junktown. He often abuses the citizens by taking their property and demanding popular "approval" of his fashion choices as enforced by the Destiny Gang. He is also not above destroying the property of the villagers, as seen when he orders his gang to set fire to Junktown.


Bam! Crown shorts!

How did I even get here, son?!

I am Big D! Woo!!

Town is on fire! See? I made it on fire! Fix up Junktown! Look at old man cry! That's what happens when you mess with Big D! You get crushed! Your whole family get crushed! Booya!

Big D's chillin' over here…wasteland style.

Big D's mind is back. Woo!! I must escape first try!