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Betty Grof was a human-turned-wizard woman revealed to have once been the fiancée of Simon Petrikov, who would much later become the Ice King. She and Simon were in a committed relationship until Simon obtained a cursed crown.

In the series finale, "Come Along With Me," Betty is consumed by GOLB with Ice King and Finn. She and Simon are reverted to their original human forms from the deity's "digestive" process. Remaining inside while the others escape, Betty uses the Ice King's crown in its wish-granting state to protect Simon and sacrifices herself, making her and GOLB fuse into one being.


As revealed in "Betty," when Simon was wearing the crown for the first time, he chased Betty through a town while shooting ice bolts and asking "Where is my princess?" As he had said "Betty, my princess" in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," this likely meant he was looking for her.

In "Betty," Simon regained his sanity after having his ice powers stolen by Bella Noche. Back to normal, he enlisted Marceline, Finn, and Jake to help him create a portal to the past before he drove Betty away, using Hambo as a catalyst. Betty was hiding from the manic Simon of her time before the portal formed in front of her. With the portal open, he took the moment to attempt to apologize to Betty, but instead she leapt into the future to be with him, thus explaining why Simon never saw her again in the past.

It was only after crossing through that she learned that Simon was dying. With Bella Noche having stolen all the power from the wizards of Ooo, the magic in the crown that kept Simon from aging was now gone and Death would soon catch up to Simon. Betty took it upon herself to get Simon's powers back to save him from dying. She promised that she would try and find a way to keep him alive and free from the crown's curse. Arriving at Wizard City, Betty defeated Bella Noche (using the element of surprise) and restored the powers to the wizards as well as the dying Simon.

She is later seen observing Simon, now the Ice King once again, in his castle (she is noticed by Gunter). She then exits on a flying carpet to begin her search for a way to free Simon from the crown's influence while keeping him from dying.

She was shown listening to Jake's broadcast while working on an experiment in "Jake the Brick."

In "You Forgot Your Floaties," Betty is seen retrieving Grob Gob Glob Grod's helmet from the field and going to Magic Man's house, where she participates in an experiment to help turn Magic Man into the new leader of Mars. Betty has mentioned that since her departure in "Betty," she has been studying how Wizard's powers always determine a degree of madness and sadness in order to find a cure for Simon. As a result of Finn and Jake's intervention during the process of the experiment, Betty ended up receiving all of Magic Man's magic powers (and, presumably, his madness and sadness, as well,) thus becoming a Wizard in the process. She was last seen disappearing through magic yelling, "Laters!" with the same inflection Magic Man had before he lost his powers.

In "King's Ransom," Betty collaborated with a team of foxes to kidnap Gunter, demanding Ice King's crown in exchange. After the exchange, Finn and Jake unsuccessfully attempt to catch the foxes that took Ice King's crown. Betty, can be seen making alterations to the Ice King's crown, before giving it back to him. The Ice King observes that the crown "feels different." This may mean that Betty has not lost all of her sanity, or may have managed to control it, as she had intended, and has begun finding a way to cure Simon's madness.

In "Broke His Crown," it was revealed that Betty has inserted an AI of herself into the crown, attempting to reprogram the crown's wish magic and fix Simon's mind, only to interrupt the crown's systems, making Ice King to act weird in his dinner party. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline both entered the crown virtually to investigate Betty's tampering alongside a sane Simon Petrikov, appealing romantically enough for her to recover her human sanity. After the crown is stabilized, the remaining code of Betty still exists along with Simon, though having a "glitched" appearance.

In "Bespoken For," it was revealed that Betty has gone mad since obtaining Magic Man's powers. It is also revealed that she is now living in Magic Man's house. However, unlike Simon she is only behaving crazy but not losing her memory. She tried to get Ice King remember his old life as Simon but was unable to do so, which frustrated Betty. It was revealed that she was captured by Patience St. Pim and used as a magic battery. Patience St. Pim used Betty's magic to cast a spell to help the four elementals gain their full powers and caused them to then change the Land of Ooo.

In "Winter Light," Finn, Jake, and Ice King had to rescue her from Patience St. Pim. After they freed her, she said she would like to help restore Ooo. She said she could use a book called the Enchiridion to help restore Ooo. Jake said that the book was destroyed, but Finn revealed that he got another one from the Farmworld. Betty then started to laugh in a suspicious way, implying that she might have been up to something sinister.

Throughout the rest of the Elements miniseries, Betty told Finn she need him to get the gems from Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess, and Flame Princess. Once in possession of all of the gems, she started to laugh maniacally and betrayed Finn by pushing him off the magic carpet and fleeing. It was revealed in Skyhooks II that her goal was not to fix Ooo (it might have been initially but it may have changed later on as she looked through the book as we see her look at the elemental symbol in Cloudy, but in Slime Central we see her on the page with a hourglass), but instead to actually go back in time and stop Simon from putting on the crown and possibly stop the Mushroom War altogether. Ice King, however, stopped this by taking the jumper cables off the book, which caused the portal to destabilize and explode and Betty to disappear. It was later revealed that Betty was transported to Mars where Normal Man now resides, who then comments on her attempt to change time.

In "Temple of Mars" she is seen again on Mars. Normal Man (now King Man) was trying to cure her obsession with curing Simon. She enters as Mars temple with Finn and Jermaine who were there looking for a way to find a lost Jake. There were three symbolic trials in the temple, mostly for Betty. The first trial included a variety of frogs resembling the Ice King, the next was a difficult equation that was constantly being changed by the Ice Thing, making it impossible to resolve, and the final was a window showing Betty's past. It was revealed that Betty was going to study in the Australian outback for six months, but the next day she met Simon. She then decided to put everything on hold to help him search for the Enchiridion. Though Betty seemingly learned her lesson about loss, she did not. She then told King Man she came up with a plan to both save Simon and get Margles back from GOLB.

In the series finale "Come Along With Me," Betty and King Man summoned GOLB to Ooo for Betty to harness GOLB's power to cure Ice King of the crown and revert him back to Simon, and retrieve Margles. GOLB was causing mass destruction, and King Man believed Ice King could make Betty get rid of him. While attempting to make Betty happy, she and Ice King, and later Finn, were hurled into GOLB's mouth and were slowly digested by him. Ice King and Betty were both reverted to their essential forms, thus Ice King became Simon again and Betty lost her magic powers. The ice crown was also reverted to its essential form, thus granting its first wearer their truest deepest wish. Bеtty sacrificed herself and wore it to attempt to wish GOLB out of existence, but this failed as Betty's truest wish was to protect Simon at all costs. As a result , Betty fused with GOLB and the two become one singular entity and the new GOLB leaves the planet through another portal. Simon later attempted to wish Betty back in Prismo's Time Room, but it failed, just as King Man had once made a similar wish to bring back Margles.

During "Jerry", more of Betty and Simon's past is revealed. In the time before the Mushroom War after they first met in the library, Betty was one of the only people who genuinely looked up to Simon and was intrigued by his plans to locate The Enchiridion while telling him about her plan to go to the outback. Wanting to help him out, Betty came with Simon and the two started to bond with each other while locating the book. Once they found the book and returned from the expedition, however, Betty decided to leave and insisted that Simon take the sole credit for the book’s discovery. Betty intended to finally go to the Australian Outback. After leaving a note for Simon in the book they shared, however, Simon rushed off to the bus stop to tell her he reciprocated her feelings, leading her to stay with him and never board the bus after realizing that they were both in love with each other.

In "Casper & Nova" and "Cheers", Simon manages to get to GOLB's Dimension where he meets GOLBetty, with another version of The Lich joining him. Upon GOLBetty's reveal, The Lich frantically prays to her and demands an explanation for his existence lacking any meaning after killing all life in his universe. Having enough of the Lich's tirade, GOLBetty responds by telekinetically ripping his body apart and transforming him into one of the green blocks that float around in her realm before turning her focus onto Simon. Initially silent, GOLBetty is stirred to outrage upon learning that Simon plans on putting the crown back on in the name of saving Fionna and Cake, and proceeds to transport him into the far distant future of Ooo into Shermy's mind. It is during this adventure that Simon reads a choose-your-own-adventure novel involving two characters named Casper and Nova, whom he gradually realizes share a relationship that mirror his and Betty's: one that involved a shared love but on uneven footing, with Nova making many sacrifices for Casper's happiness. Returning to his own body, he acknowledges his selfishness in their relationship. Briefly manifesting in their memory of the bus stop, Betty acknowledges that while they both could have made better choices, she does not regret any of them. The two share a bittersweet farewell as she boards the bus, transforming back into GOLB in the process. When Simon decides his life is worth continuing, GOLBetty appears pleased and later helps him escape the GOLB Dimension before standing and becoming enveloped in a blue energy.


Betty doesn't make an actual appearance in the series until her eponymous (self-titled) episode. In the episode, she is shown to be very loving and devoted to Simon. She is shown to be bold and quick-thinking, as she went to face off against the creature Bella Noche by herself in an attempt to keep Simon from dying. She is shown to be a decently capable fighter, managing to defeat Bella Noche in two hits (though she did have the element of surprise).

From flashbacks, it is apparent that Betty has always been clever, capable and resourceful, shown to come up with solutions to problems quite quickly, often taking more bold actions compared to Simon's more careful and methodical approach. It's also apparent that even before she and Simon first met, she idolized him, and after becoming properly acquainted with him, she was immediately willing to disrupt her own life plans and goals to help Simon with his own.

Like Simon, she appears to be quite educated in magical artifacts as she was confident she could return Simon to normal. She also co-authored the book Mystic Rituals and Their Space Time Applications with Simon.

Since the experiment-gone-wrong in Magic Man's basement, it appears that Betty's personality may have altered when she became a Wizard. Betty spoke in riddles similar to Magic Man, before an uncharacteristic shriek and yelling, "Laters!" Her mind seems to deteriorate depending how powerful her magic is, much like Simon, but she blames this on seeing Simon as the Ice King as she sees it as "like seeing my old life through a funhouse mirror." She later comes to believe that everything will be fixed if she can prevent the Mushroom War and everything that lead the world to be how it is.

During "Temple of Mars", Betty begins to realize that during her relationship with Simon she had sacrificed so much for him that she never had any time for herself or her own issues until Finn and Jermaine convince her to overcome it. However, she refused to let go of her obsession with Simon like King Man was trying to convince her to and instead resolves to try even harder to bring him back with King Man's help after convincing him to help bring GOLB to save Simon and bring back Margles.

As GOLBetty, Betty's personality appears to be the dominant one in this fusion. She appears to be largely in control, though still retains some of GOLB's more destructive tendencies such as when she aggressively took out the Lich. With Betty's intelligence, however, it appears that GOLBetty does not create chaos for the sake of it, unlike the original GOLB, and now does so for more noble reasons.


Betty is an adult woman appearing to have pinkish skin and auburn hair. In a picture on Simon Petrikov's wall, Betty is seen wearing stylish glasses, a green turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans. In another picture, Betty is wearing a lab coat. This might suggest that she was in a field of study, such as science or medicine. Some time after being brought to present-day Ooo, she switched from her teardrop-shaped glasses to more angular-shaped glasses with thick frames.

In her Wizard form, she wears a white shirt, grey pants, green coat, black boots, and Magic Man's hat. Her eyes also become white like the Ice King's. Her coat's edges have shown to be ripped sometime before flashback in "Bespoken For." She appears wearing different clothing in "Temple of Mars" and "Come Along With Me."

After fusing with GOLB in "Come Along With Me" Betty becomes a giant, red, four-eyed monster, similar to the appearance of the original GOLB, but includes her own attributes, such as a slimmer body and the shape of her clothing.

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  • Simon referred to Betty as his princess while he still possessed some of his sanity.
  • Adam Muto stated that the figure in the picture with Simon and Betty is "some sort of cryptid."[1] A cryptid is a creature that has been sighted before but whose existence is unconfirmed by science (e.g., Big Foot).
  • Pendleton Ward and Rebecca Sugar have stated specifically that Betty and Doctor Princess are not the same person.[2]
  • Betty's last name is an homage to Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist who's one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology.[3]
  • In the older episodes where she has a brief appearance, her glasses are rounded, but in the episode "Betty," her glasses were pointed at the ends.
  • She became a Wizard in "You Forgot Your Floaties."
  • Ice King is shown to know who Betty is In Issue 17 and Issue 18 of the Adventure Time Comics, recognizing her, showing sentimentality when finding a picture of the two on what appears to be a date, and breaking into tears when confronting an illusion resembling her.
  • Since she absorbed Magic Man's magic, madness, and sadness as well as taking his hat at the end of "You Forgot Your Floaties," she has been often referred to as "Magic Ma'am" by fans, though Adventure Time creators have not shown any signs of embracing the nickname in storyboards and/or AMAs. However Betty herself has called herself "Magic Woman".
  • In "Broke His Crown," Betty's AI refers to herself as 'Magic Woman' when Princess Bubblegum believes her to be Magic Man.
  • In "Cloudy", it's shown that she doesn't know Jake's name, as she calls him "dog" throughout the episode.
  • Despite being turned into a wizard, it is shown that Betty still retains her human appearance, except her eyes, who turned white after turning into a wizard.
    • This is consistent with Magic Man, who also kept his Martian form except for white eyes.


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