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The Revolution was here?!
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[image:Betty Ward.png|200px]]
|sex = Female
|extra1 = Relatives
|extrainfo1 = [[Pendleton Ward]] (son)
}}{{Stub}}'''Bettie Ward''' is [[Pendleton Ward]]'s mother. She drew the cover for [[Issue 4]] of the ''[[Adventure Time (comic)|Adventure Time comic]],'' as well as gave commentary along with [[Polly Lou Livingston]] (the voice of [[Tree Trunks (character)|Tree Trunks]]) on the Season 1 DVD.
* Bettie had to hide Post-It Notes from Pendleton as a child, due to him making animations on whatever he could find.
* Bettie Ward is a co-founder of the Artists Foundation of San Antonio.<ref></ref>
*Bettie was [[Princess Bubblegum|Princess Bubblegum's]] original name.
==External links==
*[ Group Photo]
===Official art===
Tumblr m19d0hxENy1r7wz6no4 1280.jpg|Cover drawn by Bettie Ward.
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The Revolution was here?!

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