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Better Reality Island (although never officially named) is an island seen in the episodes "Imaginary Resources" and "The Light Cloud".


The island looks abandoned at first glance, but this is only because all of the citizens are in "tubs" playing "Better Reality", a VR game that is the purpose of the island. There is an assortment of tall buildings, which all have circular windows. The actual setting for everybody on the island would be the Better Reality server. It is essentially a blank dark space, but there are many different players and structures. BMO, known as "@MOD" in the game, has a private room, and a private dance room.


  • The people who play "Better Reality" are so used to the game that they try to summon objects by saying "Get ___", even in real life.
    • They must have been playing for many years in a row, to be so used to the game mechanics.
  • The guardian is never seen guarding this island, which makes sense because the VR players would never try to leave the island.
  • There is a tube that Finn, Jake and BMO use to get to Hub Island.