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Beth (also known as Beth, the Pup Princess) is a character who exists in the future. She is close friends with Shermy. She made her first and only appearance in the series finale "Come Along With Me". She and Shermy appear to live in Marceline's House which is also a reference to how Finn and Jake lived in the Tree house, which originally belonged to Marceline. Beth is voiced by Willow Smith, an old time huge fan of Adventure Time who had the opportunity to be included for the finale. 


Beth is large and yellow, and she has a horn on her head. Beth resembles the children of Jake and Lady Rainicorn, but even with that possible relation, Beth's species is unknown.


Beth has the ability to teleport objects from other locations through her bellybutton, as well as store objects inside of her bellybutton for transportation purposes. This "random" ability, along with the horn on her head suggests that she is of Rainicorn descent.

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