The Best Friend Massage is a massage done by Ricardio in the episode, "Ricardio the Heart Guy." It can only be done by friends, and requires consent to be given by the receiver of the massage, as Ricardio stated that it is "completely consensual." The massage is performed by walking on the friend's back, then executing a flip. The only known receiver of the "Best Friend Massage" is Lumpy Space Princess, which made her body look different afterwards.


  • The Best Friend Massage can only be done for friends (as stated by Ricardio), but ironically, Lumpy Space Princess and Ricardio do not show any signs of having a friendship and they are never seen together again. In fact, shortly after receiving the massage, Lumpy Space Princess introduces Princess Bubblegum to Ricardio and admits that she doesn't even know his name; although in "Gotcha!" on Lumpy Space Princess's desk there is a binder with a picture of Ricardio on it.
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