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Bert Youn (Korean name: 윤대주) is a storyboard artist and writer who has worked on the animated series Adventure Time during seasons one, three, and four of the series, having skipped season two.[1] He is a Creative Director at Studio Spiyo in South Korea.

Modelsheet Finn with Manly Face - Special Pose

Bert Youn's "Manly face"

He is known for drawing weird close-ups of faces, such as Finn's "manly face" in "Hitman." According to Andy Ristaino, these are known as "Bert Youn specials."[2]

He left the show after the fourth season,[3] although he later returned during the sixth season to help storyboard "The Prince Who Wanted Everything", which he later noted was a "one-off gig".[4][5] He currently does storyboarding work for Star vs. the Forces of Evil and We Bare Bears.

He voiced Lee in "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension."

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