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Bella Noche is a being of pure anti-magic and the main antagonist of the episode "Betty". It exists in another dimension and has the power to remove other people's magic. Bella Noche can escape its dimension by using a unique staff (in this case the staff of Stranson Doughblow), a sword, an orb, and a goblet arranged inside of a circle drawn on the ground.


In the episode "Betty", Bella Noche tricked the Secret Society (Forest Wizard, Laser Wizard, and Bufo) into believing that if they used their magic to bring him to their world, then he would grant them a magical reward. After the group becomes distracted by Ice King, who revealed himself to have been spying, Bella Noche used the Staff of Stranson Doughblow to come into their dimension, presenting themself as a humanoid in a black cube that absorbed all magic around it. The Grand Master Wizard arrived and tried to have his guards destroy the being with their shoes, but it was ineffective.

By the end of the episode, Bella Noche had taken over the entirety of Wizard City, becoming a massive mountain made out of black cubes. As the remaining wizards tried futilely to defeat him, Betty arrived and made her way into the center of the cubes, where Bella Noche resided. She immediately kicked Bella Noche, defeating him and ending his reign of terror.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bella Noche's most notable ability is to use his anti-magic powers to take magical powers away from wizards. Once he absorbs their magic, which is done either from being hit by the shock wave that summoned or by touching his black goo-like substance, he is able to fight off his attackers by using tentacle-like appendages that distend from the side of his black cube-like forcefield, which becomes bigger as he absorbs more magic (or by accidentally being amplified as it was with a spell during the episode).

Another one of their lesser abilities is their ability to use a lighting-like force. This both functions as an attack and as a way to physically obtain things from the mortal plane, as seen when he did so in his lesser form to obtain the staff.


Bella Noche is physically very weak, as seen when he was defeated by Betty after she hit his humanoid form.


S5e48 Betty about to punch Bella Noche

"Powerful form"

In its "weak form," Bella Noche is nothing more than a large head made out of a green, slimy substance inside of a grey box. In its "powerful form," Bella Noche creates a black anti-magic box around itself, which absorbs the magic from other wizards. Inside of the box, Bella appears to be a slim, blue-skinned humanoid with long white hair. Bella also wears a long blue robe. However, it seems that anything inside Bella Noche's black box has a blue tint to it, making it possible for the being to have a slightly different color scheme than what is shown. In both weak and powerful forms, Bella Noche speaks in a deep and raspy voice.


Have you obtained the Staff of Stranson Doughblow?


Then the time has come to reveal my true form. When I materialize on this plane of existence, you will receive your end of the deal.


Too late, fools! Belle Noche emerges!


How the... wait!



  • In Spanish, bella noche means "beautiful night," though it's mispronounced (The "ll" should sound like a "y" or a "j."). Translated into Italian, "Bella Notte" is the name of a song from Disney's Lady and the Tramp.
  • According to Jesse Moynihan, "The name 'Bella Noche' comes from a girl that used to work at a coffee shop I would frequent. Her name was Bella and my brother would call her 'Bella Noche,' because she was like a starry night sky or something."[1]
  • Bella Noche's "powerful" form somewhat resembles the Ice King/Queen through his white hair, blue robe, and bluish skin.
  • The items (a unique staff, a sword, an orb, and a goblet) that are needed in order for Bella Noche to escape are loosely based on the four suits of tarot, namely wands (also known as batons), swords, pentacles (also known as coin), and cups.


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