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Bees are shown to vary in size from that of a large grapefruit to even the size of a small humanoid.

Notable Bees

Other Known Bees

Image Name Basic Description
Breezy's Bees Breezy's Bees are a group of bees that Breezy was teaching how to pollinate flowers in the episode, "Frog Seasons: Spring."
Bee Hive Bess The Bee Hive Bees are a group of bees that had their hive smashed into a bolder in the episode, "BMO Lost."
Wedding Bees The Wedding Bees are bees that surrounded Tree Trunks during her wedding in the episode, "Apple Wedding."
Fire Bee At the end of every episode of the elementals series, the bee that normally flies around the credits was revealed to have become assimilated with the fire elemental and became a Fire Bee. It's black parts were now fire and it's yellow parts it now black. It has an angry expression on it's face.
BeeFromEnding.png Credits Bee The Credits Bee is a bee that appears at the end of every normal credits screen.


  • The location of the Bee People's land is unknown, but the fact that there's a Bee Princess may suggest that it exists somewhere.
  • In the credits, a bee flies around.
  • Currently, the difference between the Bee People and normal bees is unclear.
  • The Bee that appears in the episode "Evicted!" pukes honey.


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