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Beemo Blitz is a game on Cartoon Network, developed by YamagoFinn and Jake have to throw BMO around to dodge hazards and win the game.


Finn & Jake has Ice King's secret tapes and put them inside Beemo. Ice King is after Beemo to get his secret tapes.Now Finn & Jake must keep Beemo safe from Ice King, Penguins and other hazards and get to the Tree Fort safely. 



  • Mighty Mitts- Get a combo of 20.  (100 Points)
  • Undroppable- Win the game without dropping Beemo. (200 Points)
  • Beemo Blitzer- Score 100,000 points. (200 Points)
  • Narrow Ice-scape- Beat the game. (150 Points)
  • Slippery Slope- Hit 10 obstacles in a single game. (150 Points)
  • Snow Motion- Mystery Badge (Throw Beemo over a Snow Golem). (150 Points)



Helpful Hints

  • The higher your combo, the more points rise.
  • Throw BMO right when Finn is halfway above jumping over a double-obstacle to make sure BMO is safe.
  • Jump and throw BMO over the Snow Golem to help get the Mystery Badge.
  • When the Penguin Guard with Freezing Potion A hovers over you and comes to a complete stop, move away from the Penguin Guard.


  • This game is just like a Squirrel Boy game named "Screwball Squeeze."
    • Beemo Blitz also uses the music from this game. This was initially only on international versions of the game. The US version has original music and different sounds, but was replaced with the international version (as of 2013).
  • This game takes place in the episode "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I and II."
  • This game takes place on the Grass Lands, not the Ice Kingdom.
  • The sewer pipes in the game may be the entrance to Beautopia as seen in "Susan Strong" and "Beautopia."