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Bee Princess made brief cameo appearances in the episode "What is Life?" and in Ice King's Imagination Zone, and also appears in "Loyalty to the King." She was not seen attending Princess Day, implying she is one of the unregistered princesses in Ooo.


Bee Princess is a bee that is the size of a human. She has two thin arms, as well as two thin legs. She has two black stripes in the front and back, and the rest of her body is yellow. Her face is light yellow. She has black antennas and a bee stinger on her butt. She has blue crystal wings and also wears a small yellow crown with a red ruby on it that can supposedly protect her from the Lich.

A human version briefly appears in the Fionna & Cake series who owns her own honey stand where she has yellow-tinted skin and wears a yellow hoodie with black stripes which makes her resemble her original bee form. Under her hood, she has brown locks of hair. Interestingly, she appears to be still female and is not gender-swapped like all of the other characters from the prime universe.


Umm, am I supposed to?

—"Loyalty to the King"

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  • Its existence and that of Breezy implies that there is more than one kingdom of bees. However, don't be a regustred princess[1].
  • It is unknown if it was her or Breeze in "The Winter King".
  • She has a speaking role in a Cartoon Network promo segment where she's holding a sign showing Finn and Jake the way to Ooo.


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