The Bee Marionette was Blue Nose's original act at the Traveling Mini Circus. The act involved him Blue Nose walking up to an orange stand, and then having the Bee emerge from the orange pile. After he emerges he begins to figure out how to use his legs and then proceeds to dance around with Blue Nose. Unfortunately, the audience thought this to be bizarre, so he was booed away.


The Marionette appears to be a half-human, half-bee hybrid. He has a human face with with his body being colored bee colors. He also has antennae and a pair of wings. He appears to be attached to strings and he has a manipulatable mouth.


  • It is unknown whom was operating the strings that he was attached to.
  • At the end of the episode, when Blue Nose was forced to switch acts, we last see the Bee being tossed over along with the orange cart.


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