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Beavers are a species of animal that appear in the real world. We see a few Beavers throughout the duration of the Adventure Time series.

List of minor beavers[]

Image Name Basic Description
Beaver Helmet
Helmet Beaver The Helmet Beaver was a beaver that was used as a helmet by one of the Marauders in the episode, "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain."
Forest Beaver The Forest Beaver is a beaver that appears in the episode, "Storytelling," as one of the Forest inhabitants.
S6e20 Sea Lard with beavers and bunny
Rain Beavers The Rain Beavers are Beavers that appeared in the rain during the episode, "Jake The Brick." One is seen shielding a Bunny from the rain.


  • Beavers appear to appear in different gray and brown shades.


Official Art[]