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This article is about The Location. You may be looking for the episode.

Beautopia was the home of the Hyooman tribe before it was taken over by the Lub Glubs, as seen in the episode "Beautopia." It is located deep within the cave system that Finn and Jake discovered under the hatch near the Candy Kingdom. After the Lub Glubs drove the Hyoomans out, they were forced to retreat to the garbage heaps near the hatch entrance. It was reclaimed by Finn, Jake, and Susan Strong. It looks as if it is in an old abandoned mall; multiple stores can be seen. At one point Lub Glubs emerge from one of the stores. At the center of Beautopia, there is a tower which acts as a lighting fixture for the whole city. Once the main tower is lit, a series of other fires is lit from it. This is what expelled the Lub Glubs. The title card of the episode shows it having been once a luxury coastal resort.


City Heart[]

The City Heart is the source of light for Beautopia. It resembles a red lighthouse that has a silver geodesic dome-like sphere on its top. Susan Strong tells Finn and Jake to use the "Red Flower" (fire) to light the City Heart. Despite the Lub Glubs' efforts to prevent it from being lit, Jake lights it and the Lub Glubs burn to ashes the second the fire is lit. It also now illuminates all of Beautopia, making it a better living environment for the Hyooman Tribe.


  • In the title card for the eponymous episode, Beautopia is shown as a radiant island with a red lighthouse clad in a great glass dome, possibly how it appeared before the Mushroom War. In the days following the war, human survivors could have sought shelter in Beautopia, its dome serving to protect against post-nuclear atmospheric pollutants such as black rain, similar to the Vaults in the Fallout series of games.
  • It is also similar to The City of Ember in The City of Ember series and movie due to the trash heaps and the tower in the center.
  • The area No-man's Wharf in the video game Dark Souls 2 bears some similarities to Beautopia: the Bloatheads resemble Lubglubs, it is in a dark cave full of water, and there is a fire in the center that when lit lights up the entire area and forces the Bloatheads to retreat.
  • "Beautopia" is a portmanteau of the words "beautiful" and "utopia," an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system.