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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Beautopia (episode)" from season 3, which aired on November 7, 2011.

This transcript is complete.


[It is night and raining outside of the Tree Fort; Finn is sitting at the table while Jake puts on some hot water.]
Jake: Hey, what kind of coffee do you want?
Finn: Hazelnut! Hazelnut! What if your name was "Zelnut"? And then I would be all like "Hey, Zelnut."
Jake: That's terrible.
Finn: Hey, Zelnut.
[Irritated, Jake grows and gently bodyslams Finn, who laughs.]
Jake: Nooooo! Stop!
[There is then a knocking sound.]
Finn: You hear that?
Jake: Yeah.
[The wall is then burst through by none other than Susan Strong. She stands still as lightning flashes]
Finn and Jake [In unision]: Susan Strong!?
Susan: Finn, help Susan.
Finn: Of course I will.
Jake: Excuse us for a moment, Strong. [Jake takes Finn aside.] Dude, you know you're my bro, but that girl is bad news.
Finn: What? Naw.
Jake: She's crazy, man. She's a fish person!
Finn: We don't know that!
Jake: Dude, she tried to eat Peppermint Butler! She'd probably be worse if she was so scared of everything.
Finn: Whatever, look, she needs my help... and I'm gonna help her whether you're coming with me or not.
Jake: Oh, I'm coming with you if only to be disruptive and obnoxious!
Finn: Susan, what can we do?
Susan: I need your hero heart and your magic.
Finn: My magic?
Susan: [Points to fire boiling the water] Magic of red flower.
[Finn carries a flame-light lantern as Susan leads them down the tunnel to the Hyooman territory; down in the Hyoomen tribe's territory they find Hyoomans watching them from behind rocks and litter.]
Jake: [Scoffs] Fish people.
Susan: Long ago, my people live in Beautopia... but driven out by Lub Glubs. We come here. We too scared to fight back. This why we need your hero heart. Hyoomans! [Hyoomans gasp.] I'll be back!
[Susan and Finn go on their way.]
Jake: Fish People! I'll be, um, a dolphin! [Turns his head into a dolphin shape; Hyoomen gasp and Jake chuckles and leaves.]
[The trio come to water.]
Susan: Come on. We swim there.
Finn: No, you don't understand. I'm not a fish person. I'm human.
Susan: [Thinking he said "hyooman," she laughs] We go.
[Susan puts Finn's head under the water and he struggles, Jake tries to restrain Susan by wrapping his arms around her and Finn is able to come up to the surface with his hat on backwards; he takes it off and gasps for air; Jake runs to Finn and Susan extends her arm.]
Jake: Grrr...[Susan squashes him down out of the way.] What? Hey, hey. What?
Susan: [Examining Finn's head] You no gills. [Finn puts his hat back on.] We take boat.
[On the boat, Finn hangs the lantern on a hook and Jake sings "I'm On a Boat."]
Jake: Oooh... I'm on a boat with a couple of wackos. Shakin' my hips, and dippin' my fat toe... In the water! Dippin' in the water! This party's gettin' hotter! It's so hot... it's stupid. So where we headed, Susan?
Susan: There. [Points to a raging whirlpool]
Jake: Oh, no. Oh, no. No, no, no! No, Susan, no!
[They go down the whirlpool, and Finn and Jake scream; they pop out safely out of a pipe.]
Finn: [Laughs] That was awesome. See, Jake? We can trust Susan. She's on the trolley.
[Jake just morphs his head into a fish person's, points to Susan, and makes a "screwball" sign with his arm.]
Susan: Keeps looking for Lub Glubs.
[A pool floaty floats ahead.]
Susan: [Whispering] No move!
[The floaty floats by.]
Susan: Whew, we safe now. [Leaves to steer the boat; Jake looks at Finn.]
Finn: [Irritated] What?
Jake: Dude, she's crazy.
Finn: She's not crazy! She's cool!
Jake: Whatever, man. This is a crazy cruise, and Susan is our crazy captain... and I'm a crazy clam-shell! Woo-ep! [Morphs his head into a clam and starts dancing] Oh, doing the clam!
Finn: [Laughs] Quit acting like a clam, you ham.
[Susan looks ahead worriedly while Jake dances and opens his clam head to reveal a Birth of Venus-type statuette with his face that dances, a slamming sound can be heard.]
Jake: Hey, you hearing that too?
Susan: Getting close to the Lub Glubs' mash-'em-ups.
Jake: [Closes clam head] Huh?
Susan: Behold!
[They float up to a series of giant stones coming out of the walls slamming together.]
Finn: Balzacs! 
Susan: The clashing gates!
[Jake's head returns to normal with a look of fear on his face and he look at Finn.]
Susan: [Rubbing Jake's head] 'S okay. Susan know when is safe to pass through.
Jake: Uh-huh. Finn, let's get outta here.
Finn: Come on. She knows this place. Trust. We're ready when you are, Susan.
Jake: You know, I could just stretch us over this thing.
Susan: Go... now!
[They speed through the gates; Jake screams and Finn stays calm; at the last gate half the boat is crushed.]
Susan: Oh, good. Still got some boat left.
Jake: She's flippin' crazy! Come on, Finn. Let's bail.
Finn: Chill out.
[Jake pouts.]
Finn: Alright, Susan, what do we do next?
Susan: Hmm... never made this far before. Just gotta get past Lub Glubs.
Finn: Yeah, what are Lub Glubs, exactly?
Susan: They... umm, look, they like this. [Draws an obscure picture with her finger on the boat wood]
Finn: Hmm.
Jake: That looks like... my father. ...Now I'm crazy!
Susan: Yes. Lub Glubs crazy scary. Hyoomans scared so long. Even Susan. That why glad I meet you. You have brave heart. [Places her hand on Finn's chest and crushes it in her grip.]
Finn: [Weakly] Thank... you...
[Susan grabs Jake and squeezes him into an oar and paddles further into the cavern, with Jake gasping for air every paddle.]
Susan: [Stops paddling] [Excited] We here? We at B-Beautopia! [Susan grabs Finn]
Jake: Oh, thank Glob.
[They float close to a dome shaped city as Jake returns to his normal form and Susan puts down both Finn and Jake.]
Finn: Whoa... Ominous.
Susan: We's be alls good once bring red flower to city heart.
[They float close to the city heart, when out of a store called "FLOATY" a gush of water comes out.]
Jake: What's making all that swishing?
Susan: Lub Glubs! They coming!
[After a moment of tense drama, a pool floaty floats out.]
Jake: [Laughs] It's just more pool floaties!
Susan: [Panicking] Shh! Shh! Too many Lub Glubs to fight!
[Many pool floaties surround them, Susan begins to hyperventilate and backs away.]
Jake: Susan! Susan, Lub glubs are just pool toys! [Turns his hand into a pickaxe] Watch, I'm putting an end to all this craziness, with my Pickaxe Hand! [Jake stretches over to a "Lub Glub" with Susan making warning sounds] No more craziness.
[Jake pokes the floaty a black monster oozes out of it, and so do all the other "floaties"]
Jake: Ooooh... Jakey beefed it!
[A Lub Glub tries to attack the trio; Susan cowers in fear but Finn and Jake fight them.]
Jake: Bad news, dude. There's only two of us and more than, um, [Looks at his hand and holds out all his fingers] this many of them!
Finn: We gotta use the fire, like Susan said. Are you okay with that?
Jake: Yes! I'm okay with that! I'll do whatever Susan says! [Jake is tackled by a Lub Glub.]
Finn: Susan! We need you! [Piledrives a Lub Glub]
Susan: [Whimpers] Susan scared... but Susan brave, too. [Grabs lantern] SUUSSSAAANN!!!!! [Jumps and tackles a group of Lub Glubs]
Finn: Yeah, Susan!
[Susan makes a break with the lantern but is pounced on by Lub Glubs.]
Finn: Susan!
Susan: [Tosses the lantern] Finn! Jake!
Jake: [Catches it] I gots it!
Susan: Red flower! Throw it to city heart!
Jake: Finn, win aide to fair Susan! Jake brings the fire!
[Jake goes as Finn kicks a Glub Glub off Susan.]
Finn: Humans and "Hyoomans" got to stick together!
[Finn and Susan bump fists, and Susan grabs his arms.]
Finn: Huh?
[Susan swings him at a Lub Glub.]
Susan: [Looking at Finn] Hmm.
[Jake stretches up the tower to the city heart; a giant Lub Glub comes out of the water and rise up the tower on the opposite side of Jake.]
Jake: [Grunting] Almost... there... [At the top there is a furnace with straw that says "Light Fire Here."] Oh, so I just toss it in here? Pretty straightforward. Okay, well, here I go. [Swinging the lantern] one, two, three... [The giant Lub Glub grabs his arm and roars] [In a trance] That reminds me of... my mother. [Jake struggles against the Lub Glub and tosses the lantern into the furnace.]
[All of Beautopia becomes lit with flames popping out of torches and pipes; the Lub Glubs evaporate leaving behind nothing but torn rubber floaties.]
Finn: It's working, Susan! [Jake comes down.] Jake.
Jake: Whoa. It is beautiful.
[Later, the Hyoomen tribe arrive and sort through things with Jake's help.]
Finn: You were right, Susan. This place is great. Well, we'd better get home.
Susan: Finn, you stay.
Finn: No, I can't. I'm not like you.
[Susan takes Finn's hand and puts it in her hat, a look of shock envelops Finn's face.]
Finn: Susan...
Jake: [On the boat with pretzels] C'mon, Finn, let's go! I grabbed, like, 100 soft pretzels!
[Finn hops and Jake paddles them back, Finn and Susan wave at each other, and the episode ends.]