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"Beautopia" is the fourteenth episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the sixty-sixth episode overall.


Susan Strong returns and asks Finn and Jake to help fight off the Lub Glubs and regain her people's home in Beautopia.


Finn and Jake are inside one night, discussing things about coffee, when they hear banging. All of a sudden, Susan Strong bursts through the wall from the outside. She says that she needs Finn's help because of his "Hero Heart." She also adds that she needs Finn's magic, the "Red Flower," or Fire.

Jake tries to convince Finn that Susan's completely crazy. Despite this, Finn still wants to help and tells Jake that he will help her, whether he is coming with him or not. Jake remarks that he is only coming to be "disruptive and obnoxious."

The duo are taken to the underground cave in which the Hyooman tribe lives. Susan thinks they should swim, and dips Finn's head in the water. Jake stops Susan shortly, saving Finn from drowning. Finn takes off his hat while catching his breath; Susan sees that Finn has no gills. She then decides they take a boat ride down the river and Jake sings "I'm On a Boat." A pool toy passes them, and Susan panics, telling both Finn and Jake to keep quiet, because it was a Lub Glub. They attempt to cross the Clashing Gates and pass, but the boat is broken. Eventually, they reach the city and several Lub Glubs come out. Jake is convinced that they are just normal pool toys and hits one with his Pick-Axe Hand. The Lub Glubs all turn into their true form and attack the group, to Susan's terror. Susan helps Finn fight and Jake goes to put the fire in the City Heart. When he does, all of the Lub Glubs die, leaving only their pool toy shells.

It cuts to all of the Hyoomans moving back to the city. Susan tells Finn he should stay, but Finn claims he is not like her. Susan takes his hand and puts it under her hat onto her neck. Finn is surprised by what he felt and says "Susan..." but is interrupted by Jake, who bought a bunch of soft pretzels. As they leave, Finn waves goodbye to Susan.


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  • The title of this episode is a portmanteau of the words "beautiful" and "utopia."
  • The clashing gates are carved to look like two hands fist bumping.
  • When Finn takes his hat off, his hair is seen slightly longer than it was in "Mortal Folly."
  • During their journeys, Susan's comments imply that she has tried to return to Beautopia in the past. (i.e. "Never made it this far before..." and "Getting close to the Lub Glub's mash-em-ups.")
  • When Finn, Jake and Susan arrive at Beautopia, a Lub Glub is chewing on a skull that is wearing a hat that resembles Fionna's.
  • On the title card (inside the "I" in Beautopia), there appears to be a woman wearing a hat resembling the one worn by Finn/Fionna.

Episode connections

  • This is Susan Strong's second appearance since her debut in "Susan Strong."

Cultural references

  • Susan refers to fire as "red flower." In Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, fire is also called "red flower."
  • Continuing the references to the television series Lost that were in "Susan Strong," the Lub Glubs are similar to the show's Smoke Monster.
  • When Susan leaves the Fish People she says "I'll be back," which is a quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies.
  • Similarly, Susan's return to Finn and Jake was a partial allusion to Princess Daisy's return at the end of 1993 live-action film Super Mario Bros.: The Movie. [2]
  • Jake's clam-shaped head with a woman inside refers to the famous painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.
  • The clashing gates are most likely a reference to the Clashing Rocks in Greek mythology.
  • The Lub-Glubs in their true form resemble Shoggoths.
  • When approaching the clashing gates, Finn exclaims "Balzacs" which is a reference to the 19th century French writer Honoré de Balzac, here acting as a language filter for profanity.

Storyline analysis

  • During the scene where a Lub Glub is chewing on what appears to be Fionna's hat, there is a large piles of skulls in the background. The skulls are almost all wearing animal-themed hats, and one skull in particular wears what looks like Finn's hat, only black instead of white. This means that the Hyoomans most likely got their hats in Beautopia, possibly leftover from a store that was selling them before the place was destroyed (the entirety of Beautopia is made up of shops and restaurants).
    • It's also possible that the Hyoomans evolved from unmutated humans that never made it out of Ooo with Two-Bread Tom's group. They likely wore the hats as protection from vampires, as Two-Bread Tom's group did.
  • It is likely that Finn learns here that Susan actually is a human (or at least not a Hyooman) when he feels under her hat, although this is not revealed to viewers until the episode "Dark Purple."


  • When Susan descends into the manhole, the hatch is still on top. However, she punched it clean off during the events of "Susan Strong".



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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