The Beautiful Lady is a character that was introduced in the episode "Hug Wolf." Finn is turned into a Hug Wolf because he is hugged by the Alpha Hug Wolf during a full moon. Finn and Jake were trying to kill the Tree of Blight when this happened. The Alpha Hug Wolf turns out to be a female humanoid. At the very end of the episode, her head morphs into something resembling the Tree of Blight.


The Alpha Hug Wolf looks like a werewolf, but with heart-shaped hands, feet and purple fur. In the Alpha Hug Wolf's humanoid form, she has lavender skin and dark purple hair. She seems to wear lipstick. Unlike most characters, she has big, bright, green eyes, possibly caused by the Tree of Blight's poison. She wears a tattered brown dress.


  • Throughout the episode, Finn and Jake repeatedly refer to her as male (calling her "he," Jake calling her a "Wolf Man" in the library, etc.), indicating that they did not know she was female until she turned back to herself.


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