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Bears are a species in the Land of Ooo. Most of the bears look similar to each other and look like normal wild bears. Party Bears, a subspecies of bears, look like teddy bears and like to party all the time. They are ruled by their chief, Party Pat.


Candy Elements


At the end of the episode "Hero Heart" and at in the episode "Skyhooks II," two Candy Bears can be seen emerging from the woods and singing to Finn. The first one appeared to have a green, candy based body. He had a pair of red candy eyes, a blue candy nose, and three candy circles on his stomach positioned to look like buttons. The second one appeared to have a pink bod lay with chocolate covered bananas for arms/legs, a pair of blue candy eyes, and a red candy nose. The top of his body is covered in chocolate and he has two frosting buttons.

List of known bears

Other Known Bears

Image Name Basic Description
S7 E25 HW's house pantry.png
Dead Bear A dead bear was stored at Huntress Wizard's house as her snack, as seen in "Flute Spell".
Forest Bear This forest bear appeared in "BMO Lost".
Tenant Bear This tenant bear was one of the Tree Fort's tenants in "Ocarina".

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