"Be Sweet" is the thirty-ninth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and ninety-fifth episode overall.[2]


A fed-up Lumpy Space Princess leaves the woods for a glamorous career in babysitting Sweet P.[3]


Lumpy Space Princess is camping out in nature, dissatisfied with a lifestyle that requires her to gather bear sweat every day to mark her territory and keep rodents out. While mud-wrestling a raccoon for a piece of fried chicken, LSP gets a call from the Pig Trunks household asking if she'd be willing to babysit Sweet P, and she jumps at the opportunity to live in a house with a roof and a bathtub and a fridge full of food.

LSP quickly makes sure that Sweet P's parents are out of the house before luring Sweet P in his room with a pizza and locking him up. She starts to eat, dance, dress up and ignore Sweet P who has finished his pizza and wants to go out. He gets confused and breaks through the wall of his room to look for someone to be sweet to him during the night. He wanders to the Candy Kingdom where no one tries to be sweet to him and diss him off. The banana guards get involved after a while.

While bathing, LSP is on the phone with Marceline, the raccoon from earlier makes its way into the Pig Trunks house through the toilet and starts to tell LSP that she belongs in the woods with the garbage animals. The raccoon continues to degrade LSP telling her that everything she touches turns gross like her and that she is a giant rat that wandered into somebody’s nice house. "I'm a good person!" LSP screams. "I take care of babies!" In her efforts to disprove the raccoon, LSP discovers that Sweet P is gone, rushes to the Candy Kingdom. After frantically asking the whereabouts of Sweet P, the banana guards take her to the Police Station.

LSP finds Sweet P crying at the police station after his gentle reign of terror, and quickly goes through all the necessary steps to calm him to show that she’s a good babysitter. She pats him gently on the head, kisses his cheeks, gives him a treat, sings a soft and sweet song, touches his forehead and think the words, "You are more precious than anything in this world and I will always, always love you." Sweet P immediately falls to sleep.

When Tree Trunk's and Mr. Pig come home, they realize their house is in a total mess. LSP comes out of a door and tells them that Sweet P is sleeping. After getting a bad impression from LSP's babysitting service, LSP offers them to grant her a full-time nanny for Sweet P, but they kick her out of the house, LSP goes back to the wilderness and eats a chicken with the raccoon.

While Tree Trunk's and Mr. Pig are discussing who to babysit Sweet P in the future, Sweet P tells them that he had a dream with him and a comet, and that a beard man was a fake comet (as seen in "Astral Plane.") His dream is then shown and a purple comet is seen starting to speed in space with Sweet P saying, "The comet, approacheth."


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  • This marks the fourth episode (not counting the gender swap episodes) in which neither Finn nor Jake make an appearance, let alone or even mentioned. First being "Princess Day," second being "Evergreen," and third being "Friends Forever."
Old lady bus stop

One of the Old Ladies sitting on a bench next to a bus stop

  • In one scene an old lady is seen waiting at a bus stop.
  • The title card most likely references the view of the driver of a car that Sweet P stopped in the road.
  • Lumpy Space Princess appears to be no longer staying at the Coolest Hotel.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that the new comet is pink/purple.
  • Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig's house is now even bigger than it was in "Gold Stars," with a full sized living room and bathroom, likely due to all the gold Sweet P gave them in that episode.

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  • The running storyline about "the comet" continues in this episode:
    • The original comet was shown in "Evergreen," giving rise to the Ice Crown to stop it
    • The comet that brought an end to the previous Earth and originally gave rise to The Lich was revealed to have done so in "Finn the Human"
    • The comet was believed to have been seen by Finn in "Astral Plane" but it turned out to be Martin's ship as shown in "The Visitor"; Sweet P states this as true in this episode.
    • This may also reference Finn's destiny to be with Martin and Sweet P at the same time as seen in his dream in "Hoots."
  • Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline are still friends, as seen in "Princess Day."
  • The Banana Guard's mounted unit from "Reign of Gunters" appears again.

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