Battle Cubes are a group of creatures that appear in the episode "Business Time" when they try to harm and capture Hot Dog Princess. They resist all attempts by Finn and Jake to defeat them. After a long time, Finn and Jake get very tired and ask the Business Men to fight for a while so they can take a break to rest. During their break, the Business Men give Finn and Jake orange slices and bottled water. Since Finn had time to rehydrate, he got an idea and made a plan to defeat the Battle Cubes. Jake made his paw grow big and caught all of the Battle Cubes. Finn then tied them all up with rope and made a giant cube. They then tossed the cube away. It is possible that battle cubes are associated with the Cube People or the Cube Village. They may be a sub-species of Cube People.


Battle cubes are giant, white, geometric cubes that float and emit lightning bolts when one side of them begins blinking pink. Even though they seem harmless, they are very dangerous.


They can shoot black lightning, and they can fly/float.

Other appearances

The Battle Cubes also appear as an enemy in Righteous Quest 2 in the second level (third if you unlock a portal to Lumpy Space), which takes place in the Gauntlet dock. They are rather weak but make up for this by appearing on inclines or in large groups. They shoot projectiles. They also appear in Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! appearing mostly in the Candy People and the Red Rock Pass levels.

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