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Barb: So what, you're not talkin' to me now?

Ed: No, I'm just tired of setting traps all day, solo style.

Barb: Why are you mad?

Ed: I just said I was tired.

Barb: But you're acting like you're mad.

Ed: I'm not mad! Oh look, food. That I caught. In my web. For us.

Barb: I spin webs too, Ed.

Ed: Yeah, I know.

Barb: I try just as hard as you.

—"Web Weirdos"

Barb: I can’t! You think I’m gross when I spin my web!

Ed: What?!

Barb: I can see it on your face! Tell me that you don't.

Ed: Uh... I uh... You tell me you don't find me gross!

Barb: Oh, get stuffed Ed!

We are never going to snuggles until you learn to appreciate me!

Ed: Now what are you gonna eat, huh Barb?

Barb: I'm gonna eat you!

Oh, Ed! We’re parents!

We can make a new start as a family.

—"Web Weirdos"

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