Barb is a spider who is introduced in "Web Weirdos." She is married to Ed. She is upset with Ed because he thinks it is gross when she spins webs, and he insists that she spin one. Following Finn's advice, Ed tries to give her a glowing sword as a gift, but she thinks he got it for himself. They get into a fight in which Barb tries to eat Ed, but Finn saves him. Barb then goes into contractions, and she gives birth to thousands of Baby Spiders. She and Ed then make up.


Barb is a giant spider, slightly taller than Ed but about the same size otherwise. She has a black body with three round segments and a sucked-in grey face. Her eyes are black circles with white bits that make them shine, giving her a feminine look. Like Ed, she has eight legs with two attached to her head segment and the other six on her thorax. The two legs on her head act as her arms rather than legs.


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