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Bandit Princess is a thief princess who makes her first appearance in "I Am a Sword." In her debut episode, she steals the Finn Sword and uses it to steal gold and kill people. She eventually makes her way into the Spiky Kingdom where she steals gold and cuts off the mayor's head.

She then goes to the Box Kingdom and impales the Box Prince's box when she gets interrupted by Finn. They both have a sword duel, ending with Finn trying to kill her. While she takes some damage, she ends up impaling his Finn Sword's heart. Finn collapses in shock while Bandit Princess flees the scene.


Bandit Princess's skin is white and wears a sort of blue dress/robe. Her legs are darkish brown in color until her knees. She has dark gray hair between her horns on her head, and the back of her head is semi-bald. The horns on her head are long and are striped with different colors. The stripes start with light gray in color and get darker towards the sharp end of the horn.


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Bandit Princess tries to kill Finn with his Finn Sword!

Bandit Princess is ruthless. Killing people and stealing their gold with no mercy, she kills an innocent rich man in the woods, a spiky guard and the Box Prince too. She is aggressive and mean, she refused to listen to the Finn Sword and taunts the sword by killing people and going against its good deeds.


Not much is known about her background, or if she even is a princess, but in, "I Am a Sword," she claims that she was born with rabies and that her parents never loved her because they both had mono, and due to that she had become a thief.

She appeared again in "Gumbaldia" and joined Gumbald's army to attack and conquer the Candy Kingdom.


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  • She is the only character with a sword who has been seen killing someone in cold blood.
  • It is possible that she may be a princess of a different kingdom, but chose to change her name to Bandit Princess once she became an actual bandit.
  • Her appearance is greatly related to that of pre-vampire Marceline, although her clothing and skin color are different. She also possesses horns, which Marceline does not.
  • A male human version of her appear as a background character in the Fionna and Cake episode, "The Star".


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