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Banana Man's rocket is first shown in "The New Frontier." Finn and Jake first discover it when they go behind Banana Man's house to retrieve the arrow that they tried to shoot at Banana Man. Jake wants to ride it, believing it will lead to his death in space, according to the croak dream he had the night before. At first, he believes that there are no rockets in existence, saying that they haven't been reinvented yet. Jake and the Snail are the only characters who ride in the rocket in the episode.

The rocket reappears in "The Comet," where it was shown to be finished and fully functional since its original destruction in its debut appearance. Banana Man encountered Jake in space while riding in it, successfully fulfilling the croak dream, but, unlike the dream, it is shown that Banana Man actually saves Jake. They both then encounter Finn and Orgalorg, and bring them back safely to Earth.


The rocket was most likely built by Banana Man in his backyard. It is likely Banana Man devoted a lot of time to building the rocket as he had a lot of space-related gear.


The rocket is gray and very large. It is powered by an explosive called "boom boom stickhole sticks" that go into the "stickhole" at the bottom of the rocket. The "stickhole sticks" closely resemble dynamite. The rocket has a platform leading to it from Banana Man's house. There is also a ladder on it that allows access from Banana Man's backyard. The rocket has one circular window which also acts as a door inside the rocket.


  • The number 81812 appears inside Banana Man's rocket, the marriage date (August 18, 2012) of background artist Santino Lascano.[1]