Banana Man's house is where the Banana Man resides. It was first shown in "The New Frontier."


At first, Finn thought that Banana Man's house was built on the sun, but Jake explained to Finn that the house is not really on the sun; it just looks like it. The house is east of Finn and Jake's Tree Fort, in the Grass Lands. The house is on the edge of a forest and on top of the Underground Cave.


Banana Man's house is a geodesic dome. Banana Man's house is sphere-shaped, except for the entryway. The house has a teal doorway with no door and black steps leading to the doorway. Two gray, small, winglike objects sick out of the house. The house is light gray, with darker gray pipes running along its sides, making a triangular pattern. There are short black pipes sticking out of the ground at an angle, supporting the house. On the ground around the house, there are leaves and twigs. The house's interior is white. There are more gray pipes running along the inside walls. In front of the house, there is a black car half-buried in the ground. There is more junk scattered around the house that cannot be identified. There are at least four windows: at least three near the ground, one in the roof. There is a strange object on the roof that resembles a satellite dish.


On the floor is a yellow rug with a design that is different shades of orange. There is a brown television on a light blue stand. The Banana Man uses the TV to play workout videos. Atop the TV there is a strange object which could be the TV's antenna. There are two crimson chairs. One faces towards the TV, the other faces away. Against the wall there is an old-fashioned video player that looks like it was made before the Mushroom War. On the wall there is a large picture of a bunch of bananas. On its left side there are two smaller pictures, on its right, there are three. The small pictures on the left are of a peeled banana and the solar system. The pictures on its right are of an astronaut's helmet, a banana split, and a gorilla. Above the big picture, there is a framed medal. The medal is silver, with wings. On the ceiling there is a chandelier.


There used to be a rocket in the Banana Man's backyard, but Finn and Jake blew it up. The rocket was the same color as the house and was completely hidden from view unless you were in the backyard. There was a platform that led from the house to the rocket, and a wooden ladder that could be used if you wanted to enter the rocket from outside. Scattered around the rocket were tools, a box of models of the planets (Saturn, Earth, and Jupiter, respectively), a stopwatch, a ruler, an eraser, and a drawing and a model of the solar system. Now, where all that stuff used to be, there is a huge hole where the rocket crashed through the ground. The hole leads to the Underground Cave.


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