Banana Guards are Candy People who guard Princess Bubblegum's Castle and Princess Bubblegum. The Banana Guards always appear in pairs prior to the episode "Princess Cookie," but due to their role in that episode, it's clear that there are a large number of banana guards that look identical to one another.

In "Apple Thief," Tree Trunks calls the Banana Guards to turn herself in for stealing her own apples. When one answers the phone it says "Banana Guard speaking," suggesting that they don't have individual titles. Two are dispatched to arrest Tree Trunks, one of which makes the observation "this place could use a scarecrow" leading Finn to solve the mystery of the missing apples.

In "Princess Cookie," some Banana Guards stand around Princess Bubblegum as if they are barricades and some are even laying on their sides for that purpose. One of the Banana Guards disguises himself as a horse to trick Princess Cookie into coming out in a ruse, saying he will be allowed to leave without repercussion. Later in the episode, a large squad of them is sent to capture Princess Cookie; the guards move quickly and with picturesque coordination. They also arrive at the scene of the cookie's attempted suicide and take pictures, presumably for evidence. This, in addition to their role in "Apple Thief," shows that they perform policing roles in the Candy Kingdom in addition to their job as guards.

Several episodes, such as "One Last Job," "Five More Short Graybles," and "Davey" have shown that the Banana Guards are notoriously incompetent and stupid. In "Root Beer Guy," they were oblivious to Princess Bubblegum's security-testing fake kidnapping despite it taking place under one of their security cameras and her leaving multiple clues. Even after Root Beer Guy repeatedly tried to bring the case to their attention, they only investigated it after he "admitted" to the minor offense of taking a boat out after 8 p.m. This was enough to drive even Princess Bubblegum to disgust at their incompetence.

In "Rattleballs ," it was explained that Princess Bubblegum developed a robotic Gumball Guard because even the early (green) Banana Guards were "goofs," but eventually trashed the robots because of their violent nature.

They also maintain a cavalry force as seen in "Reign of Gunters." Their unusual mounts resemble pink jellybeans with two stereotypical woman's legs and wear red heel shoes.

Captain Banana Guard was their leader, whom Princess Bubblegum calls when she is about to send them into the hostage situation after Princess Cookie. His first actual appearance was in "One Last Job." He looks like a regular Banana Guard, although he has a mustache, duller skin color, and is topped with whipped cream instead of sugar cubes. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

After the events in "Root Beer Guy," Princess Bubblegum declared Root Beer Guy the new leader of the Banana Guard (Captain) due to the fact he was able to solve the pseudo-crime perpetuated by Finn and Jake while the entire Banana Guard failed to do so. The current status of Captain Banana Guard is unknown, though he was presumably demoted or retired.


The Banana Guards look like cut bananas with chocolate poured on top, along with some pieces of what appears to be sugar. They are taller than most characters as displayed when they tower over Princess Bubblegum. Their feet are popsicle sticks and they hold long bronze sticks topped with diamond-shaped gems that have similar color to the crystals on their head. While they look like popsicles, they are actually bananas that have popsicle stick legs. Early banana guards resembled green, unripe bananas.

Banana Guards may be both male and female, as seen in "We Fixed a Truck."

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  • As there are no law enforcement vehicles with sirens in the Candy Kingdom, the Banana guards can be heard making the siren sounds themselves when responding to a call out.
  • As shown in "One Last Job," it is forbidden for any Banana guard to eat any banana-based food products, as it is probably seen as cannibalism. Despite this, when Captain Banana guard is forced to try banana milk, he says that it is "delicious." He then sulks over the deliciousness.
  • Braco used to appear as a humanoid banana guard, before he was mutated.
  • When put under physical strain, they appear to perspire a chocolaty milk, suggesting the chocolate seemingly poured on top of them is actually a bodily secretion process, perhaps for the purpose of heat insulation and for protection from ultraviolet radiation, as the flavanoids in chocolate significantly reduce the effect of UV on the skin.
  • In "Reign of Gunters," there appears to be a Banana Cavalry consisting of Banana guards riding pink, armless, legged, candies wearing high heels.
  • As seen in "Another Five More Short Graybles" the Banana Guards are not only the police but are also the fire fighters.
  • There is a Female Banana Guard.
  • In the ending of Rattleballs it is shown that the Banan Guards are able to take off their peel and much resemble Braco


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