The Ball Blam Burglerber is a gun Princess Bubblegum invents that appears in "Lady & Peebles." It shoots out green balls that create massive explosions upon impact.

Princess Bubblegum uses it only once, against the army of evil hands that attack her and Lady Rainicorn, before the hands snatch it away.

Jake mentions it in "Earth & Water" when he asks the princess to use it against the Snow-a-constrictors Gunter makes.


The Ball Blam Burglerber is a black gun with a glass window and a decorative lightning bolt on its side. It appears to hold six balls through a glass hopper that comes out of the back and to be pump-action and looks very similar to a children's ball launching toy. However, in the storyboard for "Lady & Peebles," it looked more like a revolver and was named the "Ball Buster." The weapon is similar to a grenade launcher due to its explosive function.


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