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The Baker's Shard is, according to Jake, "the purest source of sugar in the known regions." It appears in "One Last Job" when Jake enlists TiffanyGareth, and the Flying Lettuce Brothers to help steal it from the Candy Vault.

It is heavily guarded; the vault seems to be constantly patrolled by Banana Guards, is monitored with security cameras, is locked in a huge metal vault, and is preceded by a series of deadly obstacles including monsters and traps. Jake's gang refers to the Baker's Shard as a very big deal and implies that stealing it is one of their biggest missions, if not the biggest.

Jake told Jake Jr. (the actual mastermind of the theft in a misguided attempt to imitate her dad's criminal past) that he and Finn would get the Baker's Shard back from the gang, or that the Banana Guards, who were seen chasing after them, would retrieve it themselves. However, it is unknown if the Baker's Shard was actually recovered or not.  

In "Dentist," Tiffany reveals he ate the Baker's Shard, losing most of his teeth as a result.  


The Baker's Shard looks like a very jagged piece of sugar crystal. It resembles a light cream-colored, spiky ball with one much larger spike on the bottom, and is medium-sized.


Cultural references

  • Although unintentional, it somewhat resembles a max revive from the Pokemon game series.