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"Bad Little Boy" or "Grave Yard Rap" is a song sung in the episode of "Bad Little Boy" by Marshall Lee, rapping when he is holding Cake hostage. Fionna, meanwhile, is fighting the skeleton army raised by Marshall Lee in the graveyard. When he first raises the skeletons out of their graves, a skeleton starts beatboxing as an accompaniment to Marshall's singing. During his song/rap, Marshall Lee is trying to prove to Fionna that he really is a bad guy, after Fionna says he's not so bad, following the song "Good Little Girl."


Did you think I was lying?
I said I'm evil without even trying
Already dead so I'm not scared of dying
Drinking the red from your heart in one sitting
You think you've got me pegged, you must be kidding
I raise the dead up and they do my bidding
Girl, I'm a thousand years old, I'm a riddle
Bad little boy, yes, I'm bad, but not little

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