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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Bad Jubies" from season 7, which aired on January 14, 2016.

Lumpy Space Princess
Tornado Man
Wa-ter bot Song
Grass Lands
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[Episode starts with a view of the sky The camera pans down onto Finn and Lumpy Space Princess.]

Lumpy Space Princess: So then Melissa's like, "What do you think of him?" and I'm all, "Well, he's no ray of sunshine or whatever." You know these people you just get, like, neggy vibes from?

Finn: Yeah. Like bad jubies or something?

Lumpy Space Princess: Totally! They just put everyone in a whack mood with their baaaaad jubies!

[Jake and BMO crash into Finn and LSP while sledding]

Jake: Hehe, whoops.

Finn: Oh man, my body feels weird.

Jake: Uh dude - that's cuz you just got glide-sliced by the ice duo. Hehe.

Lumpy Space Princess: Yeah, my body feels weird too - here Finn, feel this...

[LSP grabs Finn's arm, forcing his hand upon her body]

Finn: Ah! [Alert shows on BMO screen]

Jake: Whoa! Too much electricity to the noggin, bro! He'll be fine.

[BMO changes their face into the National Weather Service for a few seconds]

BMO: Oh!

Jake: See?...Fine.

BMO: *laughs* That was weird.

[BMO changes their face again, before another report is shown]

Unknown: This is a storm alert from the automated weather service in effect for the grasslands and all surrounding areas. Residents must evacuate or seek shelter immediately.

[Everybody gasps]

Jake: Wait, What!?

[BMO screen changes to weather channel]

Unknown: And now, your local forecast. Today, expect stormnado winds and an impending monsoonami. Flurricances possible. Chance of survival: 29%.

Finn: How long's this gonna last, man?

Jake: A whole WEEK!!?

[The screen changes back into BMO's face, concluding the storm alert]

BMO: What do we do?!

Finn: My dudes, check it -- Super sweet underground bunker time...but we gotta build this thing FAST! I'll collect building materials, BMO - you stock up on water, LSP- you gather food, Jake, you...where'd he go?

Finn: Jake! Hey man - whatcha doin up here? We need help building the underground thinga-ma-jiggy.

Jake: I think I just need a little time up here for a minute, dude.

Finn: What is it man? Nervous poots?

Jake: Naw naw, man...nothing like that.

Finn: It's cool, man! Just come down soon. We're gonna need your help!

[Jake looks at the flying birds]

Jake: Hmm...

[Then, he fade into the crazy sky. Lumpy Space Princess is watering food, BMO is getting water, and Finn is making pile of building stuff of super sweet underground bunker as well. Finn swings ax, but he screams with my body lifts up slightly will force of swing, Ax stays stuck on tree, Finn's Hand lifts off as well. Finn Realizes.]

Finn: Aw man! This is gonna take me all day. Where you gettiin' all that food LSP.

Lumpy Space Princess: I took it from that guy's house.

[Camera shwips pans over to house.] 

Finn: What?!

Lumpy Space Princess: Chill, homie. Nobody's home, it's like abandoned or something.

Finn: Yeah...................okaaaaaay.

[BMO hold a water buckets continues walking and sets down water buckets, pick up empty pails, Ax comes out quick. Finn is humming to himself.]

Lumpy Space Princess: BMO what is the deal with Jake?

BMO: Oh, he's down by the river.

Lumpy Space Princess: Yeah, but shouldn't he be helping us? But, arms already Like super tired from carrying all those bags of chips! [LSP starts to anger.] This isn't FAIR! 

[Finn is carrying all those trails. Finn is whistling as well.]

BMO: Uh okay. The BMO will talk to him. [walk continues again. LSP is angry. BMO walks the forest and BMO starts to singing carrying water bunks.] Wa-ter bot! I am the Wa-ter bot! [BMO starts to jump.] I am a Wa-ter BODYYYYYYY! [Still not throwing water bunk, but However, the 3 teardrops goes into BMO screen face is messed up.] Whoops! [He laughs as well.] I will never know the pleasures of skinny dipping. [BMO is put down buckets.] Jake!

[Jake talks birds to sit the forest.]

Jake: Hey there buddy. [He gasps by BMO yells.]

BMO: JAKE! [he runs away to talk Jake.] Jake, there you are! [Bird flys away.] JAKE!! The storm's getting closer! [He changed the screen to the radar.] LOOK! [Radar shows could some skull bones moving toward.] We need your help!

Jake: Well, thing is, I've been working in this thing, & a. i've been collecting, like, lots of stuff! Uh... I just can't really show anyone yet. But trust me, man! Be great! I Promise!

BMO: But....But Jake i don't see anything here.

[Jake stands up.]

Jake: Your'e thinking too much with those eyeballs. and not enough with your mind-hole. Or whatever computer thingy you get up in there. I'll catch ya later man. Don't worry!

[BMO changed screen again to rader, but he zooms up the skull bones moving toward slow. Then LSP, Finn, and BMO digging faster than storm comes with changed scence with Jake sitting the river. BMO goes down with couple of trails, Finn hammers fast, 3 times a scence, Lumpy Space Princess gets super extremely tired to hammer them. Jake is flowing leaves she thinks them. Then Finn hold a construction picture. He goes down as well for empty kitchen from all brown trails.]

Finn: Nailed IT!

[LSP is grumbling to herself. he throws the bags and cans to throw away to he angers again.]


Finn: I mean, of course, It's for everyone.


BMO: But... But, he said was working on something.

Lumpy Space Princess: Get real, BMO! That fools need to get schooled! [LSP goes up stairs to talk to Jake but he runs as well.] Oh heck no! unh, UH! EXCUUUUSE ME! Are you not aware that were all working our steamy buns of down there so we don't get wiped out by THIS CRAZY SKY NIGHTMARE!

Jake: Whoa, Whoa, Hold up! I'm working on something up here. It's-


Jake: Look, LSP, can we just take a moment to appreciate this...moment? Look at this crazy sweet sunset. [Sky scence.] When the next time you're gonna see a sunset like this? Or any sunset, really. [Teardops comes.] Who knows how long will be down there.

[Animals comes.]


Jake: But i-

Lumpy Space Princess:You know what! [LSP sniffing.] I just can't with you right now!

[LSP runs away back to the bunker to built it faster.]

Jake: Can't what?

[Bird comes the top of Jake's head. Then Finn, LSP and BMO builting fast. and here comes the lightning storm cause Finn gasps.]

Finn: Jake! He hates lightning! [Jake dives to the bunker. Finn's head still not hurts. Jake stands up.] Jake you're back!

Jake: Yeah.

Finn: So whatja bring man? [BMO and LSP are angry as well.] Heard you were working on something big.

Jake: Well........[Jake's pocket holds notebook.] I've been jottin' some stuff down in my notebook.

Finn: Oh cool. Like survival tips 'n junk?

Jake: No not really, it's more's a surprise!

Finn: Oh. So you didn't bring anything. [Here comes the thunderstorm and lightning.] Oh snap! Gotta seal the door! [He run up the ladder.] BMO, lights this baby up!

BMO[Turns lights on.] Oo!

Jake and Lumpy Space Princess: Ooooo!

Finn: Okay all boarded up! [He is muscle his arms.] Now we wait.

[She wait 1 1/2 second to talk Lumpy Space Princess.]

Lumpy Space Princess: We just wait? That's it? Can we at least play a game or something I'm already bored.

Finn: Sure what game?

Lumpy Space Princess: Spin the bottle.

Jake: YEGH!

Finn: Sorry LSP, Ain't got no bottles.

[LSP get the water bottle and drink 3 gulps into a water.]

Lumpy Space Princess: Yes we do. [LSP gurps.]

Finn: YO! What gives! We gotta ration that water!

Lumpy Space Princess: I HAVE NEEDS FINN! [She breaks the bottle.] Just sit there then! I'll be texting Brad up until you change your mi-

[Phone says "NO SERVICE" for 3 drums, phone fail off, body gose down, when starts sleeping.]

Jake: And that's why you sould never rely on teginology, no offense BMO.

[Jake walks away.]

BMO: Is she okay?

Finn: Yeah, i think she's already asleep.

[LSP is sleeping as well, everybody waits for come out, Everybody starts asleep, Jake wakes up to eat chips, LSP wakes up to going. BMO lining up rocks, Jake is making dirt angels, The little later, when Finn wakes up as well.]

Finn: H....hey, you guys hungry?

Jake: Hmhmm.

BMO: Hangry.

Finn: Yo LSP, thow me some chips.

Lumpy Space Princess[LSP chumps chips.] No more chips.

Finn: How bout some o' dem bean-beans?

Lumpy Space Princess: Nope, No more. Looks like we got a can of.....Beet Something.

Finn: Wait-What?! Is that all it's left?

Lumpy Space Princess: I was hungies!

Finn: You ate all that FOOD?!! I can't beileve you?!

Lumpy Space Princess: Whatever Finn! I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to..not...die! [The top of LSP's head is hurts as well.] OUUGH!

[Finn, Jake, and BMO gasps, the food trash gets sucked out of the bunker.]

BMO: Finn! The door! You were supposed to secure the door!

Finn: BMO, you saw me do it! [Cut scence to LSP to Jake.] That food must be bunk or something.

Jake: Yeah i think this food's bunk too, expires in.........29 years ago.

Lumpy Space Princess: Oh glob. [LSP screams and runs away.]

BMO: I knew raiding that house was a bad idea!

Finn: Well, maybe maybe I could've built something better if I had some help from, oh, I don't know, my best friend!

Lumpy Space Princess: Aaah! [Zap!]

Finn: Nooo! [Thunder crashes] [LSP grumbling]

Jake: BMO!

BMO: [Beeps] What'd I miss?! Why is it dark now?

Lumpy Space Princess: Yeah, I broke it. Whatever.

Jake: Guys, I think this storm is more than just some scary clouds and weather junk. We've been treating each other like ding-dongs since we've been down here.

Lumpy Space Princess: Duh! This bunker is the worst!

Jake: Nah, nah. I think this storm's carrying some Major negative energy or something.

Finn: Bad jubies.

Jake: It's making us all go nanners! I think I can help, though. Let me show you what I've been working on. [Clears throat] [Inhales deeply] [Imitates bird chirping] [Imitates stream flowing, frog croaking] [Inhales deeply] [Imitates birds chirping]

BMO: It is so beautiful! [Chirping, croaking continue] [Clears throat] [Gasps] [Whistling, croaking rhythmically] [Beatboxing] [Alarm blares] [Crash!]

Jake: Holy tornado twins! [Thunder crashes]

Tornado Man: Peek-a-boo! I'mma hurt you!

Jake: No!

Finn: Don't hurt us!

Tornado Man: But I only feel good about myself when I knock other people down! [Laughs evilly]

Jake: I told you, man! This storm's got an attitude problem!

Finn: Jake, you got to help us get back to our happy place. The only way to fight bad jubies is with good jubies! [Beatboxing, chirping, croaking] [Thunder crashes]

Jake: Aah! Finn, I can't keep this up solo!

Finn: But we can't make all those sounds!

Jake: No time to be self-conscious, man! [Echoing] Get on this beat! [Beatboxing]

Finn: Swish! Swish! Brrn-ka! Swish! Swish!

Lumpy Space Princess: [Chirping] Caw! C-caw! Whoa!

Finn: Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Tornado Man: What are those noises?!

Finn: The sound of good vibes!

Jake: Yeah! The dope beats of life!

Tornado Man: [Rain pouring] It makes me feel some type of way.

Jake: How about you pause that stormin' for a sec so you can hear the rest of it? [Rain, thunder stop] [Imitates birds chirping]

Tornado Man: Wait. Wait, wait. That one. Wh-wh-what's that one?

Lumpy Space Princess: [Cawing]

Tornado Man: No, no, no. That "tweet tweet" one. [Imitates birds chirping] Yes! Ohh I haven't heard that sound since I was a baby breeze.

Jake: What? You forgot what a bird sounds like? No wonder you're depressed! You know, you should really stop and slow down more often.

Finn: Yeah. You get to hear life happening. Makes you feel good.

Tornado Man: [Inhales deeply] Ahhhh. You're right! I've been a freaky storm for so long that I forgot it's okay to be a breeze sometimes. I-if you'll excuse me, I'm going to explore the rest of this beautiful day.

Jake: Wait! Here, man. Take my notebook. It's got the sheet music to my jam.

Tornado Man: Really? You would do that?

Jake: Yeah, just take it.

Tornado Man: [Wind howling] Thank you so much, stretchy dog. This is one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me. Outey!

Lumpy Space Princess: Yes! The sun!

Finn: Hoo-hoo!

BMO: I am sorry we doubted you, Jake.

Lumpy Space Princess: Ditto.

Finn: Proud of you, man.

Lumpy Space Princess: [Eagle screeches] Aah!

Episode Ends