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"Bad Jubies" is the twentieth episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and nineteenth episode overall.


Finn, Jake, LSP and BMO seek shelter as they contend with some deadly weather.


The episode starts off with Finn and LSP talking about people who they get bad vibes (referred to as "bad jubies") from just by meeting them. Jake and BMO slide into Finn, and this breaks apart the conversation as everyone but LSP begins to laugh. LSP makes an uncomfortable comment towards Finn, but this gets interrupted by BMO who has a warning flashing on their screen. The warning turns out to be a storm alert. The four must seek shelter as the storm is going to be massive, with a survival chance of 29%. Finn recommends they build an underground bunker. He goes to gather materials to build, BMO gathers water, and LSP goes to gather food. Jake seems to be apathetic to the whole situation as Finn confronts him asking for help soon.

A little bit later on, LSP has discovered an abandoned house from which she takes a lot of food to survive on. Finn, who has been struggling to cut apart trees, moves towards the house with his axe while LSP asks BMO about Jake. She wonders why he isn't helping them, so BMO goes to the river to talk to him. When BMO finds Jake he is sitting out in nature talking to a bird. When BMO asks for help, Jake claims he has been collecting stuff that can't be seen, which worries BMO. Everyone but Jake continues to work on the underground bunker while Jake is seen meditating in different areas in the nearby forest. As the gang finishes up the underground bunker, Finn claims they nailed it, even though the bunker is noticeably worse than the original picture. As LSP is stacking food, she gets more and more enraged with the thought that Jake has done nothing to help. She thinks that he shouldn't stay in the bunker as he did nothing to help. Finn and BMO try to defend Jake, but LSP goes to confront him about his lack of work anyways.

Jake is seen on the edge of a cliff looking out to the horizon. LSP explodes and tells Jake off to which he replies that he is working on something to help them. She snaps that she sees nothing and comes to the conclusion that she can not handle him right now and leaves. As Finn is sealing the bunker a lightning bolt strikes the ground causing a panicked Jake to burst through the window and knock Finn to the ground. When Finn asks Jake what he brought, he responds that he was taking notes. When Finn asks him to elaborate, he responds that it will be a surprise. This noticeably upsets the other three, but the storm starts up again before they have a chance to be upset at him. Finn quickly seals the door, and BMO plugs in the lights. LSP immediately complains about boredom and wants to play spin the bottle. When the others refuse she claims she has needs and then smashes a bottle on the ground. She says she'll text until they want to do something, but her phone has no service and no battery left. She shuts down, to which Jake remarks that one should never rely on technology. They begin to sleep and time passes by.

A little later on Finn claims to be hungry to which Jake and BMO agree. When Finn asks LSP for chips, it turns out she has already eaten all the rest of their food. As they come to the realization they are out of food, the entrance to the bunker breaks and wind pours into the bunker. They all start getting upset with one another and then LSP trips over BMO turning off the lights in the bunker. As they begin to panic, Jake says that the storm is more than a storm, citing their poor behavior towards one another. He says that the storm is the manifestation of bad jubies, and he says that what he was working on could help them. Jake begins to make a variety of nature sounds, such as bird calls, water trickling, and frog croaks. His sounds put all of them at ease.

All of a sudden the storm enters the bunker and states that it is going to hurt the gang because it only feels good when it puts people down. Finn asks Jake to help put them back into their happy place, saying good jubies cancel bad jubies. The whole gang begins to make nature sounds, and the bad jubie storm is curious with what they are doing. They convince the storm to stop for a minute and listen to their noises, to which the storm agrees. The storm says it hasn't heard a bird call since it was born, which is what Jake says is causing his depression. Jake gives the storm the sheet music and it departs to go explore nature. The rest of the gang apologizes for lacking faith in Jake.


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  • This episode, like "Food Chain," "Water Park Prank," and "A Glitch is a Glitch," is animated in a style different from most other episodes due to having a guest animator.
    • This episode also has a different opening with different animation and different camera angles.
  • In this episode, Jake can imitate nature sounds; for example, he can whistle like a bird, croak like a frog, and imitate the sound of a flowing stream.
  • This episode was nominated and won the award for "Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For Children" in the 44th Annie Awards.
  • The music was made by Disasterpeice, who also did the original soundtracks for games such as FEZ, Mini Metro, and more.
  • Unlike most episodes of the show, the background music ("Nailed It" and "A Moment to Appreciate This Moment") were composed by Richard Louis Vreeland, as opposed to Tim Kiefer or Casey James Basichis

Cultural references[]

  • When BMO switches to and from the weather warning, the tones for the American mass population warning system, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), can be heard. Normally, it is illegal to use these tones in a TV series, since it may inadvertently trip EAS equipment and cause a false alarm.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson voices the storm, an entity composed of bad feelings who feeds on fighting and discord. Interestingly, he voiced a similar creature in the Casper episode "Frightening Storm."
  • This episode has similar themes to Leo Lionni's book Frederick.

Production notes[]

  • This is the fourth episode that aired during the fifth "AdventureBomb."
  • This episode was written, storyboarded, and directed by Kirsten Lepore.
  • This episode has been leaked online before its intended airdate.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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