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"Bacon Pancakes" is a song written by Rebecca Sugar, produced by composer Tim Kiefer, and sung by Jake in the episodes "Burning Low" and "Is That You?." He first sings it while making breakfast, which is bacon and pancakes combined. In the episode from the Stakes mini-series, "Checkmate," Finn sings a variation of this song.


Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes,
Take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake,
Bacon pancakes, that's what it's gonna make,
Bacon pancaaake!


G, Em, C, D7

Note: In the actual episode, the song is in the key of F♯ major, and the chords change to F♯, D♯m, B, C♯.

Finn's "Stakes" Version[]

In "Checkmate," Finn sings a variation of Jake's Bacon Pancakes song. Finn replaces the lyrics associated with the original with "stakes."

Makin' stake-as, makin' mega stake-as,
Take some stake-as and I'll make a mega stake-ah.


  • According to the Adventure Time: Season 4 DVD promo, this song started a "breakfast revolution."
  • Jake re-enacts the song in "Is That You?."
  • An artist named Jimmy Wong has composed an entire song based on the creation of the meal.
  • In Lego Dimensions, Jake will sing this song when left standing idle. An instrumental version can also be heard as part of the background music in the Adventure Time adventure world.
  • In "Is That You?" when Jake re-enacts the "Bacon Pancakes" song, he sang the first line twice.
  • An extended version of the song is available to stream on Spotify.


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