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Back-to-Nature Island is a location seen in the episodes "Mysterious Island" and "The Light Cloud". The initial purpose of the expedition to this island was to colonize it. To do this, they tried to control the weather with technology but ultimately failed.


The island itself looks like a desert, but due to the extreme weather, is usually covered with snow or thunderstorms. There is also a forest, and Alva and Albert's treehouse.


  • This was the fourth and final island to be colonized by humans.
  • Everybody except Alva died from either malfunctioning weather systems or oversized wildlife.
    • Alva survived by learning the weather cycles and using the technology to her advantage.
  • This island wasn't officially named until Martin said its name in the episode "Min and Marty".
  • Alva can control the technology just by making a "buzz" sound.
    • She is seen releasing Finn from nets multiple times, and can presumably control other things on the island.
  • The island is nearly encased in the light cloud in the episode "The Light Cloud".
    • If this successfully happened, Alva and Albert would have lost their bodies and be transferred into data.
  • Most of the wildlife on the island is seen wearing boots.